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5x10DD Coil test
Posted by: cedarswamp
Date: February 07, 2012 09:08PM
My test target is a dime buried 7 inches not far from a major power line so alot of machines get ate for lunch untill you turn the sensetivity down not so with the G2 and 5x10 dd coil.I was able to max it out with this coil and like ringing a bell two inches obove the ground with the I.D. remaining in the coin range 83 with a little waver.The 11 inch coil is not as stable and was forced to turn down the sensitivity so under these conditions I was able to get more depth with the 5x10.I am confident that I can get hits on dime size objects at 9 inches maybe more,,,,,,,,,,CEDAR

Re: 5x10DD Coil test
Posted by: Ray(Ca)
Date: February 07, 2012 10:24PM
Great report. So far I have never had to turn down the sens with the 11 or 5X10. I can hit a dime at 6-7 with a solid 83-84 with the 5X10. Not sure I could hear it at 8 in my soil here in Cali with the 5X10. Sometimes detecting is about using a machine that is just fun to use and I find the G2 with the 5X10 is that machine.


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Re: 5x10DD Coil test
Posted by: Ken in Georgia
Date: February 07, 2012 11:53PM
Yes a great coil !!! and yes same results here in georgia.

Ken in Georgia

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Re: 5x10DD Coil test
Posted by: Rick, N. MI
Date: February 08, 2012 09:13AM
Yes, that's it. I'm using a Gold Bug Pro and like you said these machines are just plain fun to use with the 5x10dd. I totally agree. The super light weight, quick on separation, very accurate, not bad depth, very quiet, easy to use, fun detector, pretty much says it all. It's even easy to use in all metal if it's not to trashy.

Rick N. MI

Re: 5x10DD Coil test
Posted by: kai_gold
Date: February 11, 2012 12:38AM
I just ordered a 5x10 for my gold bug pro. Can't wait to give it a go.

Re: 5x10DD Coil test
Posted by: warren in ga
Date: February 11, 2012 09:53PM
I will Be ordering one as soon as my check comes in.

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