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Coil compatibility got me confused...need advice!
Posted by: Ivan
Date: May 02, 2015 12:27AM
I'm told that the 10" Solid White DD Coil from my Omega 8000 will work on ( and not damage) the Tek G2 !! But the Omega runs at 7.8 KHZ not at 19KHZ.......can these coils be compatible? Can a detector that runs at 19KHZ use the coils off of a 7.8KHZ unit??? Usually that is not the case...I'm thinking the 10" DD coil looks similar but there must be a 7.8KHZ version and a 19KHZ version.....any one know for sure?? . PS: Just tried a G2 for a weekend do I like it . Seems much better for my style of hunting than the Omega. While the Omega was good G2 .......will get me to cross over! That's why I'm asking about coil compatibility. Thanks for your replies.

Re: Coil compatibility got me confused...need advice!
Posted by: pasttom
Date: May 02, 2015 02:27AM
Read Dave Johnson's F coils article near the top of this forum. He knows of what he speaks.

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