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5" NEL Sharp Unstable Over Rain Soaked Ground?
Posted by: lloyd0161
Date: May 10, 2015 07:51PM
Strange behavior of my 5" NEL Sharp coil over freshly rain soaked ground. If the coil is swiped on wet grass it becomes chattery as heck and unstable falsing all over the place. If the coil is kept an inch or so above the wet grass worked better but still unstable. If the conditions are dry it works fine. Over the same wet grass the 5 x 10 and 11" coils work fine. Anyone else had the same experience. This was very frustrating.

My Current Equipment: Teknetics T2 Limited Edition, Garrett Pro Pointer AT, Lesche Digger.

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Re: 5" NEL Sharp Unstable Over Rain Soaked Ground?
Posted by: Ivan
Date: May 18, 2015 03:53PM
Sounds like they aren't using a Faraday Shield...weird. The 5" Tekentics coil works very well across water soaked grass............ my choice is to always go with the Tek coils, in my case I tried aftermarket coils but they always let me down. It might also be possible that water is getting in....... at the point where the wire enters the coil. Do an inspection of that area.

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