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GBP Threshold using the 5" coil
Posted by: Sven
Date: September 01, 2015 04:35PM
Really took a good look at the threshold control today and noticed the -40 to +40 range.
This is quite a broad range from what I am used on a Target display detector. I always figured being on the plus side was better and dropping to far below zero you would lose a lot of depth on small targets.
All metal mode was a bit noisey for me at +3 or higher, Gain had to be turned way back.
So I started dropping the Threshold back to -9, and noticed the detector became more stable and was able to turn the threshold closer to the 90% mark. Didn't notice much loss of depth.

My question is how far towards -40 have you adjusted the threshold and used the GBP with success?

Did notice also, you can get a nice smooth steady analog threshold tone and target response if the threshold was turned up to 10 or so then backing off on the Gain (50-60) until it smoothens right out.
Anyone who remembers the smooth threshold on the old Garrett Master Hunters know what I am talking about.

And from what I have seen, the threshold setting has no bearing on Disc performance?

Pretty neat detector, I like it. Just purchased a Fisher 5x10 DD coil for it.

Quest, Nokta, Makro Multi-Kruzer
Self built Mirage Pi's --- they work great in trashy areas!!

Re: GBP Threshold using the 5" coil
Posted by: calibil
Date: October 14, 2015 07:59PM
Another feature. If the ground isn't to hot ground ballance up a couple notches. Then switch to disc an up the iron
Disc (more than normal). Experiment in disc and all metal and see which you prefer and for what type of targets.
You can sometimes really drive the all metal search mode gain by high Gain and or non audio / negative threshold. The small
Coil is best for the hi. threshold set up.

Re: GBP Threshold using the 5" coil
Posted by: amberjack
Date: October 18, 2015 05:37PM
yeah its not got a xterra smooth TH not used the garret but guessing similar to 705 which is very smooth, but after running a whites PI on the beach which is like a V8 the GBP isn't to bad.

I know some of the inland bush guys looking for yellow may not like the GBP because of the TH , bit of fiddling it can smooth out some but its just a beast really and super sensitive and split second on the move GB so cant have everything ?


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