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New Gold Bug
Posted by: azdigger
Date: October 29, 2015 01:19PM
Just got a new Gold Bug and am going to take it out to the gold fields here in AZ Next weekend. That thing is sensitive so I guess I got a lot of digging and learning ahead of me.
I will report back after I come back for Gold Basin here in AZ. and have had a chance to use/explore some with it, I know there are lots of tailing piles just waiting for me.

Re: New Gold Bug
Posted by: machineman
Date: October 30, 2015 12:14AM
The GBP is a great nugget machine. Have you read the guide about it on Steves website? Also look up anything by TrinityAU on using it. He seems to be the master. Good luck. Hope to see some gold.

Re: New Gold Bug
Posted by: azdigger
Date: October 30, 2015 07:44AM
I have read about anything I could find on the "net" as I wanted to be informed.
I will be at a prospecting outing next weekend and have been told there will bug users that will help.

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