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G2 park hunting?
Posted by: Bowie
Date: December 27, 2015 03:42PM
I have been without a detector for over a year now,,,just seems I stay so busy, no time. Last machines I had were F75 and ETrac.
Just curious if any of you do any park hunting for coins. I have an old park close by and hit it when I dont have time to hit old home sites out in agriculture fields.
I know of its reputation as a good relic machine. Just curious how it would work in a modern junk type hunt with old iron mixed in the matrix.
Man it sure looks like a great machine,,,but I am thinking that this type of scenario wouldnt be to good. Got to thinking with the notching,,,maybe that would help.
Ok thanks,
maybe and MXT all pro would do for double duty,
just thinking and looking

Re: G2 park hunting?
Posted by: XXJIMBOXX
Date: December 27, 2015 07:53PM
I park hunt all the time with my G2 and have found tons of coins and jewelry even with out notching I think it does real well, I didn't notch with my other machines that were capable of it because I didn't want to miss jewelry. I set the vbreak around 40 to hear iron most of the time, in extremely trashy areas I disc up to 80 sometimes If the trash starts driving me nuts.. The G2 has some decent depth and is great in trashy areas with the sharpshooter coil and its recovery speed is unbelievable. Now if it was waterproof it would be the cats meow... All and all im 90% satisfied with my G2...

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