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Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....
Posted by: Ivan
Date: January 30, 2016 07:35PM
for finding gold rings and jewelry. Does the multifrequency make an incremental difference or a major difference? A buddy of mine seems to think that the Cz3D will leave the G2 way behind. I'm not hunting wet salt sand but mainly parks/ballfields and "dry sand" beaches. I tried a CZ5 once and found that the sweep speed seemed very slow . Also I felt that while I used it ( only for 2 days) I dug an immense amount of deep rusted nails. One dealer I spoke with said that he believed, that the CZ3d only discrminated to a certain depth.... and after that it was all metal detection only........hence it's love for rusted metal .It was in his opinion just like the old Compass Relic Magnums...deep but shallow ID effectiveness. Any truth to these theories? I'd like to hear from detectorists that have used both of these. Should I maybe sell my G2? And go to a CZ3d? I picked the G2 because of light weight and a numerical scale versus just a few broad categoties on the target ID. I felt it was a good trade off.....even though the G2 was single tone only. Advice ...comments..opinions...most welcome. Thanks.

Re: Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....
Posted by: Dave J.
Date: January 30, 2016 09:45PM
G2 and CZ's are completely different animals. CZ's are best on deep coins in a relatively non-trashy area, where they'll usually cut through iron mineralization deeper than a singlefreaker. The G2 is better on lower conductivity targets (due to higher operating frequency) and in trashy areas (due to better target separation).

Of course as with metal detectors in general, the results you actually get will depend on your knowledge of the machine and your skill in doing the kind of hunting that you're doing. I used to know a guy who could outshoot just about anyone no matter what they were swinging, with his lowly BH Tracker 4 in a public park or tot lot situation. That's because he knew exactly what his machine was telling him just by the sound and "feel". When guys showed up with their $800 and up machines, he'd offer to ID their targets for 'em. They thought it was a joke until he kept being right. They'd get parsed arf and go away and he'd have the whole place to himself again.

Re: Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: January 31, 2016 05:02PM
It's good to have both. HH Tim

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Re: Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....
Posted by: RichW
Date: February 01, 2016 09:52AM
I'd stick with the G2 since you are not hunting wet salt sad. Light , fast and hot on jewelry. Much better in heavy trash.

Re: Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....
Posted by: pasttom
Date: February 17, 2016 05:45PM
Most machines have a niche and the CZs are excellent for several types of hunting. Once you learn how to recognize nails that problem pretty much goes away. Nails on a G2 are mostly obvious from day one. You may have taken your expert too literally on depth of DISC with CZs. All machines tend to fade to Iron toward the bottom of their range and CZs certainly do too. A detectorist has to know his limitations. As for sweep speed try this. Set up like you are doing an air test and take a quarter or dime and see how fast you have to wisk it past the coil before it stops registering. Try different distances from the coil. Yes this is not the same as in ground, but I think you'll find you can sweep a whole lot faster than you think. Now when you are out hunting and get a real good hit, start swinging faster and faster to see where it goes silent. Now you really know.
Have fun!

Pastor Tom
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Re: Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....N/T
Posted by: cookie58
Date: February 18, 2016 02:54PM

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Re: Cz3D and G2....... question on their abilities....
Posted by: supertraq
Date: February 22, 2016 11:28PM
I have had cz's since 93 and they are not slow to me,not gamma or t2 fast,the speed is about perfect.
Eats bad ground up and my recent experimenting with all my machines on my foam test block with a rusty nail 1.5" above the dime approximately 1.5" past the nail wth another rusty nail again 1.5" above and past the coin gave results that I was not expecting.
My compadre hit it 0 times,nothing.T2 with 5" DD gave a signal I would not dig,until now,lessons learned.
Gamma same thing,signal but just a blip that was sporadic, all coils on my gamma,8"concentric-10" elipconcentric-11"dd&Nel sharpshooter. Toss up between 11" DD&10" oor concentric.
Tesoro tejon nada,blew it big time with 5.75" concentric. Tek Eurotek pro was a no go.
Finally said what the heck,cz6a comes out and expected the same,couldn't get worse.
Bingo,any direction it hit coin high tone and meter 100% of the time.
I could run it lenght wise and get iron,coin,iron. Sideways across rusty iron nail would be iron,next coin would read coin every time.

So the cz's might not do well with a nbpt with everything on the same plane but in a real world 3d matrix it appears to be the best I have.
No wonder I always find more with cz's.

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