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Re: DAVE J- Question on Batteries 9V
Posted by: tometusns
Date: June 11, 2017 10:13PM
I love the 9 volts as well. I bought a four pack of rechargable batteries with the charger for twenty bucks delivered. They are awesome!! Someone on here posted a link to them and I haven't found any (standard or rechargable) that last as long.

Re: DAVE J- Question on Batteries 9V
Posted by: sojourner
Date: July 07, 2017 02:27PM

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I own a GBP and read (in the manual I think) that one is not to use 9v rechargables with it because it would diminish detector performance. I'm assuming it's because the actual voltage on rechargables is lower than a fresh standard alkaline, between 7 and 8 volts normally.

I had be looking though at these rechargables that have a 9v form factor and yet they start our fresh at 9.6v or so but the working curve is stable around 9v until it needs charging. They are expensive but had been thinking about getting some.

Can someone comment on this? Thanks.

Re: DAVE J- Question on Batteries 9V
Posted by: tometusns
Date: July 12, 2017 03:08PM
Just a thought. Any battery will loose voltage the longer it runs your machine. The manufacturer knows your machines best operating voltages and recommend changing the battery when mine gets to one bar. I've never just kept running it to see if performance was affected but I'm thinking it probably would be because of the directions concerning battery life in the manual. I think they have parameters that the use when they put in the battery life indicator. Maybe it's 9.6 v. all the way to 7.2v. perhaps I should check one when it hits one bar. I use an f19 and have had no problem using rechargables. Good luck!

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Re: DAVE J- Question on Batteries 9V
Posted by: horikindaguy
Date: September 28, 2017 06:32PM
I use 6 recharageable AA's in mine (via 9V battery holder I wired in and placed under the arm cuff for balance).
They work fantastic and I only need to swap them out once per season. I carry a spare 9V just in case which I can
also use in my pin-pointer if needed.

Re: DAVE J- Question on Batteries 9V
Posted by: Aqua Mike
Date: November 03, 2017 02:39AM
I use the Powerex brand 9.6V batteries in my Gold Bug II
They seem to be the only rechargeable 9V battery that will
last in my detector. Expensive, but worth the money.

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