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Gold Bug and Saltwater
Posted by: u2robert
Date: May 06, 2017 07:05PM
A Gold Bug has a fine tuner for ground reject (ground balance) so will it ground reject salt water and run stable? Salt can't be any worse than hot rocks and such. Anyone ever try it?

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Re: Gold Bug and Saltwater
Posted by: Rob in (Ca)
Date: May 06, 2017 09:39PM,2242319

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Re: Gold Bug and Saltwater
Posted by: Minas man
Date: May 08, 2017 07:34PM
I Bought my GB pro so I could hunt in salt conditions and I could ground balance out the salt beaches and water. You might have to turn down the gain a little but it still gets good depth.
The only downer for me was that the 11 inch Greek coil leaked and then went crazy until it got dried out so now I have Nel coil for in the water.

Minas man

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