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Re: Guess who got a new G2+LTD?
Posted by: Coinshooter1973
Date: November 29, 2017 09:21AM
17$ USD worth of coins for a few hours is a pretty good haul. Since you found a gold earring I gather you were also digging the targets contained below the v-br8eak grunt sound ?
I was digging all targets sounding consistent, strong and repetable.... and shallow i could get just scratching ground with shoes. Only above 62 I had been digginxg even deep targets. I set the vbrakw just above pull tabs Vdi . They sound in between 57 and 61. The bigger their ring the higher the vdi, sometimes getting in coins range.
By the way today; g2 stroke again as I found a old 1724 copper coin 1.6 grams weight. Getting even happier with my g2+


Beach Hunter

* White's XLT with Blue max 600 Coil

* G2+LTD with 11'' DD coil

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