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GOLD BUG PRO was crazy
Posted by: sultan
Date: November 15, 2017 04:59AM
Hello profis of the FISHER GOLD BUG

I had a strange experience with my GOLD BUG a few days ago when hunting the beaches in the northern part of Germany on the Island called SYLT at the Northsea.
It was a day with heavy heavy storm and rain. For me no problem with the correct clothing! I hunt at every weather!
First to say my GOLD BUG PRO was protected with a plastic bag. So there was no way the electronics to become wet.
After a few minutes of hunting the detector got crazy from one second to another while sweeping: All the sections of the display were flashing very fast and there was a never ending beeping stakkato. There was no use of switching off and on or to change the battery.
I also disconnected the cable and connected it again, the same Problem.
So I went home and thought my FISHER has reached the end of life. I must say that this detector has worked many hundreds of hours.
The next day I went to the beach and tried it again. And I was glad to see that the machine works as if nothing has been the day before. It worked as usual?????? The next few days I could hunt about 15 hours before I had to return to Switzerland. No Problem at all!!!!!
So my question: Has any of you an explanation for this phenomena? Is it a sign for me that the detector comes to its end of life? For me it is a problem because I have the feeling not to rely on the FISHER any more.

I remembered to a broadcast on TV about the goldhunters in Australia. They hunt with the most expensive MINELAB Golddetectors and it was shown that those detectors dont work properly if there is a thunderstorm.
They are disturbed by atmosperic influences.
Could this be with my GOLD BUG?

Greetings from Switzerland and good find to all of you


Re: GOLD BUG PRO was crazy
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: November 15, 2017 09:55AM
Sounds as though you were exposed to EMI---perhaps an electronic beam from a tower---not a problem with your detector.

Re: GOLD BUG PRO was crazy
Posted by: Minas man
Date: November 18, 2017 08:34PM
I have experienced the same thing in wet conditions and the problem was leaking Greek coil so I went to local dealer and tried other coils and they worked fine. I bought the other coils and let the Greek coil dry out and it did and worked fine but got it wet again and it acted just like yours. I have since dried it out again and sprayed it with black bed liner to seal the leak and that has fixed the leaking coil.

Minas man

><> Minas man <><

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Re: GOLD BUG PRO was crazy
Posted by: Daniel,SR
Date: October 22, 2018 03:18PM
I had the same problem with F 19. I sent the detector to a workshop. He returned, but nobody explained what caused the failure

Re: GOLD BUG PRO was crazy
Posted by: Druid
Date: November 03, 2018 12:10PM
Is the island you were on near any shipping lanes?
I was hunting near our harbor and my detector started doing the same thing, this was a Minelab FBS unit.
It was caused by a cruise ship with its radar and various electronic systems entering the harbor and made the detector unusable.
Just my thoughts as your episode sounds very much like mine.

Re: GOLD BUG PRO was crazy
Posted by: Daniel,SR
Date: December 01, 2018 11:13AM
I was in the woods. Far from civilization

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