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Teknetics G2 prospecting with Snake coil?
Posted by: Rled2005
Date: September 26, 2018 02:01PM
Has anyone used the Teknetics G2 with the Snake coil for prospecting ? In air tests the snake coil seems to lose depth.

Re: Teknetics G2 prospecting with Snake coil?
Posted by: TheHunterGT
Date: September 26, 2018 04:51PM
Lose depth compared to the stock 11 inch? That is to be expected. Even the 5x10 DD will be deeper than a 3x6.

Smaller coils are not made for depth...they are made for separation in heavy trash...and greater sensitivity to smaller objects.

If prospecting uneven ground like nooks and crannies.....use the smaller coil....especially if you expect nothing but small pickers at a few inches to surface level.

If you are hitting up wider areas with the chance of larger nuggets...or deeper nuggets....keep the 11DD on it.

Re: Teknetics G2 prospecting with Snake coil?
Posted by: dfmike
Date: September 26, 2018 07:00PM
Even the 11DD on a detector like the G2 will find you super tiny targets. I was on the beach yesterday with my F19 and I kept pulling out targets that were almost too small to see with the naked eye (so small that my pin pointer has a real hard time sniffing them out). They are mainly bits and pieces of foil, rivets, mini washers, etc. I can only imagine how good this detector must be at prospecting for tiny nuggets.

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Re: Teknetics G2 prospecting with Snake coil?
Posted by: MI-AuAg
Date: September 27, 2018 07:52PM
I have a Snake coil on my F75 and it performs well. Not sure what you mean when you say it "seems to lose depth"? If you already have a Snake for your G2, I wouldn't be afraid to use it, that's for sure.

For serious nugget hunting I would recommend the Tek 10" eliptical, or 5" round. I would think the Snake coil would perform well, or the NEL Sharp 5" round coil also. I am currently thinking about getting a NEL Sharp 5" round coil for my G2+.

Usually the ground where nuggets are found is hotter (more mineralized) than the normal dirt we detect for coins and such. The larger 11" biaxial coil will certainly work, but, a larger coil can be more effected performance wise by that mineralization, possibly causing a bit less sensitivity to the tiny nuggets. Most experienced nugget prospectors use the 10" eliptical as a general purpose nugget coil. It gives decent depth, plus good performance with both larger and tiny nuggets. The 5" round gives the best maneuverability in tight spots and excellent response to the very tiny stuff.

Additionally, the Tek 10" and 5" are closed designs which most prospectors prefer so they don't snag on brush. HH

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Re: Teknetics G2 prospecting with Snake coil?
Posted by: Rled2005
Date: November 22, 2018 02:07AM
I have a NEL 9.5x5.5 that I will be trying out. In air test I gained 2” average over the stock 11”.

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