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How many of you guys do the specific ground balance procedure?N/T
Posted by: B sperty
Date: February 26, 2012 08:25PM

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Re: How many of you guys do the specific ground balance procedure?
Posted by: filternozzle
Date: October 08, 2017 09:17AM
Is there a different way to that shown on p. 56 in the Instruction Manual?

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Minelab GPX-5000 - Backup GPX-4500 with a very large selection of coils.

Thinking about the GPX 4500
Posted by: cookie58
Date: February 12, 2018 08:27PM
Thinking about the 4500. Can you really discriminate? If so, is it with the ears that some can distinguish and some can't or by control knobs?-------PLEASE EXPLAIN....I had a TDI S/L and never could get the hang of trying to discriminate. I like the YouTube videos of the GPX finding 18" bullets and as tiresome as it would be, I would dig several holes. However, 18" holes with nails would get old quick-----very quick......Thanks for help in advance.........

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