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Minelab Pro Swing 45 Harness
Posted by: filternozzle
Date: September 26, 2017 03:46PM
I wrote sometime ago that this wasn't for me..

I take that back and tell you I have been using this harness for a little while now and have to say it is pretty good.
Transfers the weight to the hips and all that is needed is a finger and thumb to guide the coil.
The secret to optimum performance is to ensure it fits properly. I think the most important adjustment is the length at the back, getting the back length correct makes such a big difference.
I also have incorporated a second J strut to balance the rig better. My adjustment screws at waist level are screwed right down and the adjustment screws at the shoulder are only screwed in about 3/4". I also use two bungies. My height is 5' 9" and weight 12st 4lb.
It is expensive to purchase new, best price I have seen in the UK is £99. However, now and again the do come up second hand in good condition.

I have no hesitation in recommending this harness. I am well into retirement and find this takes away the fatigue when using a coil like the 15" Detect Spiral.

Happy Hunting
Minelab GPX-5000 - Backup GPX-4500 with a very large selection of coils.

Re: Minelab Pro Swing 45 Harness
Posted by: Nunavut
Date: September 30, 2017 06:21PM
I have the Pro Swing and bought it with a CTX. Now I'm going to sell CTX for a GPX 5000. I know that in the package will be a Pro Swing as well: I'll try with the second J-Strut like Filternozzle said.

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