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GPX 4500 Newby
Posted by: cookie58
Date: February 23, 2018 01:10PM
The Green truck came by yesterday. Nothing like looking and waiting for a new metal detector and it finally arrives. I have read and watched youtube for quite a while now trying to learn about the GPX and found Tony Hockstetler (might be spelled wrong). He seems to be very knowledgeable so I borrowed his set up information. I have not had it anywhere except the ole test garden but it seems to be doing alright. It seems to be a lot better for discrimination than the TDI S/L that I had a few years back. I have been using the stock DD coil. I guess the 11". The one with the blue sticker. I seem to be getting a good sound on a three-ring buried around 11" or so. Is that about what I can expect with that coil? I have an XP that doesn't make a squeak over it at that depth and sensitivity at 94.
I have marveled at the youtube videos on the depth of these PI machines. My depth is no where near any of the videos, but I am kinda impressed with the iron rejection. You can sure tell the null. Anyone's help and ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

Re: GPX 4500 Newby
Posted by: Tony
Date: February 23, 2018 08:44PM
Start making written notes for your settings and depths......try the NORMAL timing with a DD coil. This timing (as well as the SHARP timing) are powerful.
Remember, the TIMINGS have the single biggest effect on the GPX. All the other settings are there to fine tune and personalise your machine.
A bigger DD coil will get you more depth...on average, a 13"-14" deep target detected with the stock 11" DD coil can be detected at about 16" depth with a bigger DD coil of around 15" diameter.
I use the GPX4500 down here in Western Australia where the ground is rich ironstone and heavily mineralised clay.....the DD coil is needed for these conditions. If I can ever find quieter ground then the mono coil comes out.
It is best to really to know the machine and what the settings do rather than rely on someone else's will be a much better hunter for it. As far as I am concerned, you can't do any better than swinging the 4500....... across any terrain !
Good luck,
Tony should easily be getting a few more inches on the 3 ringer (with the 11" DD stock coil)

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Re: GPX 4500 Newby
Posted by: cookie58
Date: February 24, 2018 06:47AM
Thank you, Tony.

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