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Detech 12.5 DD Closed coil
Posted by: Tony
Date: April 05, 2018 10:40PM
First impressions of the new Detech 12.5 DD Closed coil;
(Sold my Spiral 15" DD recently....great coil but the weight was becoming a problem as I am generally hunting for long periods of time). Any yes, this is with using the Pro-Swing harness.

1. Nice weight (Just over 1000 grams / 15" Spiral was around the 1350 gram mark). The 12.5 DD is only a 100 grams heavier than the stock 11" DD coil.
2. Great size and balance (Feels big enough for the open areas but small enough to work around/through bushes and rocks)
3. Performance......excellent. I was matching my Spiral depths because I could run much hotter settings with the 12.5 DD. In my test area (semi urban), I could setup my 4500 exactly the same as the Spiral 15" but could increase the Gain by a margin of 3 points before some small EMI would creep in. I previously worked this area with my 4500 and Spiral 15" with a Gain of 8 but managed a Gain of 11 with the 12.5 DD.
4. As with the Spiral 15", the 12.5 DD shows the same great build quality and nil response to knocking into small rocks and stumps.

So yes, very happy indeed. I have a feeling this will be my "goto" coil for gold prospecting down here in Australia. I run "Normal" timings and high gain with my DD coils in heavy mineralised ground and will only consider a Mono coil / Enhance settings in quieter ground.


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