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Gpx 4500 depth?
Posted by: kmyer74
Date: December 27, 2018 10:25AM
Hello everyone,i have a question about gpx depth. I use it for relic hunting. I have watched videos and guys have told me that they have dug .58 cal civil war bullets at 15+ inches. I have a test garden and a bullet at 12" i can barely here and i have another one buried at 14" and it can not be heard. I've also buried bullets at 13-15" in different soils but still couldnt them. I have tried adjusting the threshold,target volume and basically every setting. My brothers 4500 wont pick up the 14" bullet either but his settings are the same as mine. I even have a 14" coiltek DD coil and it still doesnt hit on the deeper bullet. I love my gpx and have had it a couple years but just wondering why im not hearing the deep bullets like others are. The soil i hunt in is moderate and only hot in a few places. I'm just wondering if anyone can see something in my settings that may be causing me to not hit the deep bullet. Any info will be greatly appreciated. My settings are:
Double D
Vol limit 12
GB general
Special- sensitive extra
Manual tune-auto
Rx gain-13
Audio tone-38
Stabilizer-8 to 10
Target volume-15

Re: Gpx 4500 depth?
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: December 28, 2018 09:09AM
I've never dug a bullet deeper than 12" with the 11" DD coil. Now I have with the 15" ultimate spiral coil. I've dug 14" bullets with that coil on my gpx4500. Try the sharp timing. I messed around with it yesterday & it made a deep target come through better. Good luck & HH

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