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Can a GPX or SD2300 discriminate Iron
Posted by: jyblood
Date: March 09, 2019 11:38PM
I doubt that we have much gold here in Alabama, we're too far from the beach, and not much civil war fought here, so, that leaves coin shooting . However, we do have lots of iron in the ground (bad soil) and rusty nails. Will the GPX's, SD2200's or 2300's actually discriminate iron good enough to be able to go a little deeper than my CTX3030? My CTX is good for about 4" in worst soil and 7" at best. I need something to get a little deeper. The only PI's that I've owned is the original TDI several years back and presently have a TDI SL. The original TDI was deeper than the SL and I was thinking that I could tell small iron nails while adjusting GB would lose nails at "5" on GB then continuing to hear hi conductors on down to "3" on GB. I can in no way tell a rusty nail from a high conductor with the TDL SL. Will any PI discriminate good enough to detect only high conductors? IF no, then I'm waiting on the Fisher Manta. Thanks, Joe

Re: Can a GPX or SD2300 discriminate Iron
Posted by: u2robert
Date: April 08, 2019 07:15PM
Yes the GPX 4800/5000 will disc out iron but you have to be using the DD coils it will not disc out iron with a Mono coil. as far as the other units you mention I do not know

Re: Can a GPX or SD2300 discriminate Iron
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: April 11, 2019 09:53AM
I have a GPX4500 it's way better than my Big box TDI at discrimination of iron. Its deeper also.

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