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Coil weight difference between 9 and 11in coils?
Posted by: bleeohio
Date: December 26, 2016 10:13PM
I had one of the first version deus with the 9 in coil. I let it go and am thinking of a newer one. I liked the balance of the 9 in coil but am thinking of an 11. Does this make the machine frontheavy or is the balance comparable? thanks

Coil weight difference between 9 and 11in coils
Posted by: Andy Sabisch
Date: December 27, 2016 04:33PM
The difference between the two coils - 9" and 11" - is negligible . . . a matter of grams . . . 400 grams for the 9" and 405 grams for the 11". The 11"x13" is a heavier design and weighs in at 600 grams.

The original 9" coil design was heavier than the current 11" coil so you will actually see less weight that before if you are coming from one of the original coils.

The center of balance is optimized on the 11" coil unlike the 11x13 which is nose-heavy and is the reason many people use the after-market block.

Hope this answers your question


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Thanks Andy, just what i needed to know.. n/tN/T
Posted by: bleeohio
Date: December 27, 2016 08:15PM

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