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Coil differences
Posted by: bleeohio
Date: February 09, 2017 06:52PM
Ok, somehow i ended up with two new deus' (good thing), both have the 9in coil. One of the things i really like with this setup is how it will hit coins on edge and still id them pretty accurately. Depth is great with the 9 in my soil (mild). So my question is does the 11in coil do as well at depth with coins on edge? A lot of the older keepers that i've recently dug were pretty vertical, i assume that's why they were still there.
Maybe i'm just trying to justify getting the 11in coil for the little bit of xtra depth. (shhhhhhh)

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11" coil
Posted by: Andy Sabisch
Date: February 09, 2017 08:23PM
The 11 inch coil will do the same . . . I've dug a number of targets that way.

The thing with DD coils is that larger coils are not really any less sensitive than smaller coils unlike concentric coils . . . . might not be the best choice ion high trash although with the ability to control recovery time, they do better than most smaller coil detectors.

Take a look at the report I posted on the coils . . . . Coil Report


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Re: Coil differences
Posted by: dirtbug
Date: April 05, 2017 02:43PM
I have the 11 inch coil, is anything gained with the 11 by 13 elliptical coil? Are the new coils 2017, just more or less for gold detecting? Do they offer any advantages for the relic old coin hunter?
Thanks everyone,

Re: Coil differences
Posted by: Goldpick
Date: April 06, 2017 05:57AM
I've been utilising the 11x13" coil a hell of a lot more recently over the 11", mainly due to coverage over old house site surrounds where targets have been spread over a large area. After doing so, it made me realise how many targets I had missed due to gaps in coverage, and it is no slouch on small low conductors either.

The larger coil also seems to hit harder on those fringe targets that the 11" coil barely registers a mumur on, enough to spark some interest to investigate further. I think both coils have their place in one's inventory, depends on the site, junk density, typical depths of targets etc.

I've ordered the 9" HF coil, mainly for the 14kHz frequency considering it should be a good compromise between sensitivity to low conductors, whilst still achieving a good response to high conductor coin type targets. The other two higher frequencies should be good on low conductor targets such as buttons and jewellery, though I probably wouldn't expect to get huge depths on them.

Pictured is a typical assortment of targets found with the 11x13" coil at a Victorian era house site, with many targets sitting amongst fragments of zinc roofing and iron. The Australian dog registration disc was a faint squeaker from surface at a measured 13" depth, so yes, the larger coil does do well on depth.

Re: Coil differences
Posted by: bleeohio
Date: April 06, 2017 09:42AM
I do like the 9 in in the iron infested homestead, but on open grass areas I can see where the xtra coverage would be nice. Was gonna try and trade a 9 in for an eleven as I have two, but looks like I might be spending my pinpointer money on one instead.

Re: Coil differences
Posted by: Miko
Date: September 17, 2017 07:21PM
How old is your 9" coil? I have a 11" coil that is only a couple of months old that I might be interested in trading.
Thank you,

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