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Re: Folks interested in Deus or new owners
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: September 04, 2017 04:42PM
Thanks squirrel1 for all your information. It is so much easier to read and absorb that if u had done a show and tell. Much better cause some of them are done too fast, sound quality is off, and leaves u wondering about how much is staged. Videos may be favored by some but they are never made using my soil and pictures and words in my opinion make better postings. My internet data is too limited I guess to be able to watch all the videos that seem to be multiplying on these forums that I would like to see. Thanks again for all your comments and tips.

I think videos are overrated.
At least when some thing is written down for folks to read,,they can use their equipment some, and come back and see if what they are experiencing falls in line with what they read.
If not they can ask questions.
There could be a reason why, and not necessarily operator error or inexperience either.

You are welcome.

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