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Re: New Deus User HELP?
Posted by: mcb613
Date: August 13, 2017 01:39PM
Cal, I mearlt reported my findings and my initial opinion, so I actually did take exception to your comment. Its all in the words one uses.
Like I said, Im a seasoned detectorist and surely get the learning part. However, not being new, I also know what to expect... no miracles, and no refreshed site. I think its really a matter of being skilled with any of the top line detectors. Not saying the Deus wont pick a few more targets out, but no real game changer in my opinion.


Re: New Deus User HELP?
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: August 13, 2017 01:43PM
I didnt mean anything by it just didnt want you to make same mistake as my friends. Being a seasoned detectorists you will get it figured out. I think learning curve is around ctx level.

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Re: New Deus User HELP?
Posted by: bibelot
Date: August 13, 2017 03:00PM
Well, I here with this mornings report. All high tones turned up iron, just like the CTX. I did find a wheat and silver nickle in the same hole that Im dure I passed with the CTX.
I used very little disc and high sens on P9. Im use to tone hunting from my Excalibur. I think this machine could puck some keepers out of trashy sites, but dont think its any better in open ground.
I do like the light weight though.
So I guess Im un-impressed, but it is only first hunr.
Thanks for the tips guys.
My CTX sits idle while I seem to always grab the Deus but now I have the Deus with remote added to the Deus lite .It will find coins on edge better than the CTX and maybe you should try using #6 program for open ground rather than the hot program if you've already hunted it with the CTX.I think it will do a little better for you. It is quite a task to expect a $700 machine to outperform a $2400 machine but not everyone comes from the CTX like we did. The XP tutorials are very informative, listen to the signals that he digs. They are rather different than the CTX, you will not dig much iron after you realize what nuances in the signal to look for.

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