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Remote Clip Question
Posted by: Bell-Two
Date: September 05, 2017 08:39AM
I notice the clip on the shaft where the remote clips on has seemed to get a bit wobbly, it looks like it is a very small Torx type screw that holds it on I was able to tighten that some and is a bit better but not as tight as when new. I am careful in sliding the remote off and on and not snapping it off. Just got Deus in February so still fairly new. Anyone else notice this happening?

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Re: Remote Clip Question
Posted by: CT Todd
Date: September 05, 2017 06:31PM
Hey Tony
Mine is fine after about 4 years. IDK why you have the early troubles. It is a replaceable part that can be ordered. If you feel that it's possible that the remote may come off while hunting I would suggest that you replace the clip. The remote is an expensive sucker.

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Re: Remote Clip Question
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: September 05, 2017 09:20PM
One of my Deus units is getting some wear with the clip.
Remote has been on and off a bunch though.

Actually I recommend all to order the following additional hardware.

Extra charging clip
Extra clip that mounts remote.
Hardware for cam lock

That is what I did, with the if I remember correctly when the $100 bonus that was offered in accessories.
So I got some spare parts.

Might need to do another order.
Have 3 full Deus outfits,,so I have some spare things to tide me over in a pinch.

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