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7 hour HF coils hunt
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: September 13, 2017 06:50PM
Seven hour hunt today in the rain.
Pole only with remote in pocket.
Used both HF coils.
All nonferrous in pic.
About 50/50 split time wise.

Hunted 2 areas loaded with iron and nails using both coils,,,these areas pounded with Deus both 9" and 11" LF coils previously, Nokta relic smallest coil, Impact small football coil.
Even some action previously here with F75 SE model with small coil,,CTX with small coil and stock.

What did I find in these 2 areas using both of the Deus HF coils?? Very little.
Don't worry it gets better.

Adjacent to the 2 areas cleaner ground,,,these busted hard also with CTX stock coil, Deus 9" and 11" coils.

In this field, they should have a sign and a parking spot marked off for my truck,,,I have parked here in this spot so much.

I have been hinting previously about folks maybe might want to try these coils in cleaner ground where ground has some mineral.
These 2 cleaner areas 5 ticks in the mineral strength meter on Deus.

Don't think either of these coils aren't deep.

The item in pic top right,,small elliptical coil hit this thing at Garret pinpointer length deep plus add another 1-1.5".
The conical part was nose up too when I detected.

The button under it Garrett pinpointer length deep.

The small elliptical coil runs so quiet a person can really listen and hone in with it,,,even today it was windy and Inwas wearing back phones.
I ran both Reactivty 2 and 2.5 using 28.8khZ.
Deepest target located with elliptical was located usi Reactivty 2,,I checked this target undisturbed at 2.5,,weaker signal, could shove coil down in grass(cut hay) and get pretty close to equivalent signal heard with Reactivty 2 setting.

Dug some deep nonferrous too with round HF coil.
But it chirps more,,harder to hear the faint sounds.

All I can say about using both of these coils,,,when using and either makes noise (gives some kinda tone) better be a listening and DON'T dismiss to quickly.
If you do your prize will remain buried.

Now yesterday in the area I hunted using HF coil,,,funny thing about every single one of the finds made,,,2 way signals only.

Today just about every one of these nonferrous finds,,when I would dig the plug and flip,,,when I swept most gave iron tone.
Funny thing no iron noted in plugs after target recovery.
So newbies trying one of these coils,,,if you dig a plug,,sweep,,and don't like what you hear,,don't put the plug back in thinking you were fooled.

I honestly can's say just how deep either HF coil would strike a 3 ringer CW bullet in my ground.
But I would bet deep.

Now, every single nonferrous target I dug today,,,never textbook sounding. I may have to update my textbook though when using these coils. Almost like audio range has been extended between iron and nonferrous range,,using full tones. Audio wants to ride or hold on more before going hard iron tone.
Both HF coils located,,just not knock your socks off tone presentation.
Maybe the reason the nonferrous targets were still there,,,and had evaded LF Deus coils and others.

Something else too, even moving elliptical coil at a crawl, it can give signal on deeper targets,

The deeper find today btw using 28.8khz airtest at vdi 72,, so not a high conductor.
Old sites that have been productive in the past,,either one of these coils might just locate some more nonferrous.
I will be watching to see who tries one of these coils or both at Cullpepper.
And here what they have to say about.


Re: 7 hour HF coils hunt
Posted by: pplinker
Date: September 14, 2017 07:17AM
You were getting pretty deep there.... Did you notify Ms Utility? Just kidding.

Greetings and good luck from West Virginia

XP Dius, Minelab 704 with 3khz 9 inch coil, 18 KHZ 5 inch coil, 5 inch coiltek coil, 18 kHz 5 x 9 coil. Original Garrot pinpointer, Garrot pinpointer pro and M16 pinpointer

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I am a 61 year old wife and mother with two daughters and three granddaughters. I'm thankful for all God's blessings.

Re: 7 hour HF coils hunt
Posted by: Charles (Upstate NY)
Date: September 14, 2017 12:07PM
Today just about every one of these nonferrous finds,,when I would dig the plug and flip,,,when I swept most gave iron tone.

Did you try flipping the plug upright and sweeping?

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