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V4.1 . . . . Beta vs. Official Release
Posted by: Andy Sabisch
Date: October 21, 2017 05:02PM
In case people wonder where posts go that contain a link to an early beta version of V4.1 (the ones that are being posted are from March and there have been several updates since), they were removed because it was months old. While it works for some, others have had issues that required sending the remote and / or puck to the service center to get reset.

In contact with XP, they are working on addressing the communication issue when using the MI6 and switching to / from the coil and that will be the basis for the V4.1 official release.

If you are adventurous and willing to take the chance that a beta version floating out there is worth installing, realize that you may find yourself without the detector while it is getting fixed.

The official release is coming . . . . and it will be fully vetted so that there are no unexpected surprises when installing it.

Andy Sabisch

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Re: V4.1 . . . . Beta vs. Official Release
Posted by: Toolman0114
Date: October 21, 2017 05:34PM
Thank you!

Re: V4.1 . . . . Beta vs. Official Release
Posted by: JBM1
Date: November 03, 2017 02:40PM
Hi Andy,

How are you getting on with the BETA 4.1 ?

Today we have been given the chance to try the BETA 4x

If my wife is feeling better, I will try it out on Sunday.

I expect the final release will be very soon now.

Happy Hunting,


Re: V4.1 . . . . Beta vs. Official Release
Posted by: Architex
Date: November 22, 2017 08:11PM
As I understand it the one that just came out (Nov. 22, 17) is still a Beta. Is that correct?

The real treasure is in the marketing.

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