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gold prospecting
Posted by: jwr357
Date: December 31, 2017 12:29PM
I am a gold prospector with claims in Quebec. Has anyone used the new high frequency coil? What has been your experience and any tips would be appreciated?

Re: gold prospecting
Posted by: Architex
Date: December 31, 2017 07:29PM
My HF 9" round picked up a 1/10 gram nugget at 10" air tested.

The real treasure is in the marketing.

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Re: gold prospecting
Posted by: jwr357
Date: January 01, 2018 09:45AM
Thanks architex. Let me know how it worked out in the goldfield. I am considering on buying one and would appreciate any advice on using a Deus with the hi freq coil.

Re: gold prospecting
Posted by: Old California
Date: January 03, 2018 10:27AM
Haven't used my Deus with the new HF coils up in gold country, hopefully early this year if I can get away for a couple of days.

However, Have been using both HF coils with Goldfield program here in the valley at dry fresh water rivers with high mineralization (black sand) areas. Manually ground balances around 87-88 some areas higher.

Prefer using horseshoe screen over XY screen, Can view screen clearer with horseshoe especially with controller screen getting dirty from sand. Operate with zero disc, surprisingly can operate with high sens (90-95) in most clearer areas. Usually operate in 54 kHz with the 9" coil, it punches down good even with small tiny targets.

I set reactivity according to ground conditions, usually around 2.5 but will increase when more stability is needed to smooth out threshold.

The HF elliptical is great, gets great depth for its size in Goldfield. Will mainly stick with 74 kHz most of the time or switch to 28 kHz in some areas. Out in open areas prefer the HF 9" over HF elliptical, the elliptical is great in tight areas.

Buried a pull tab about 8"-9" inches in black sand comparing both HF 9" coil with the HF elliptical, surprising the HF elliptical was very close to the HF 9" on depth, but the HF 9" was clearly a stronger signal. When I added more black sand on top of buried target, eventually the signal disappeared with the elliptical yet remained with the HF 9" coil.

I think you'll like using the deus with HF coils, both are good coils and its so convenient to pack a coil with rod inside a back pack. Switch coils in seconds out in the field, I like that.

Good luck,

AKA..Paul (Ca)

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Re: gold prospecting
Posted by: jwr357
Date: January 04, 2018 08:27AM
Thanks California. I have been using a G2 so far but will have to get a hi frequency coil for my Deus. There is also fine gold in Western NY where I live and will have to try it here.

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