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New coils?
Posted by: Low-Boy/LCPM
Date: July 15, 2018 11:17AM
How many of you are using the higher freq coils and finding them to work better in iron and finding relics and coins. What coils are you using now and why..

Thanks LowBoy


Re: New coils?
Posted by: Flintstone
Date: July 16, 2018 08:52AM
Hi Low-Boy, I have the 9" and 11" LF coils and just got the 9" white HF coil, I like the HF coil, but don't know if it dose any better than the 9" LF . I have not used the 9" HF as much as the LF, but I have done very good with the LF 9". Maybe after it cools down a little, I will use the HF one more.

Re: New coils?
Posted by: HuntinDog
Date: July 16, 2018 10:34AM
I've had the 9"hf round coil for a bit and I like it.
I've found a few great things with it so far.
It does seem to be more stable.
Separates as well if not better and really rings out on the good stuff.
I don't know if I would have done any better or less with the LF coils.
Fortunately or un-fortunately I'm the new owner of a chocolate lab pup, so I haven't had the time to hunt.
He's getting older and better, so if the heat doesn't stop me I should have a more time to put under my belt with the HF coil.
I have been hunting for relics mostly and not doing any parks or schools, so I can't comment on them.
So far I'm not sorry I made the purchase.
Now the new X35 coils look intriguing.
Just more $$$

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Re: New coils?
Posted by: TAFI125
Date: July 20, 2018 12:18PM
I bought the hf elliptical coil last year and used it on some heavily infested fields in the uk. To be honest I am not at all convinced it was better, I certainly dug more iron. Now we have a new range of coils, will I purchase any of them, unlikely, because at present I see no advantages.....although I can’t help but wonder if, a big if, are we going to get simultaneous multi frequencies.
As I see it this is the only way forward now as Xperia seems to have peaked. There are a large number of used deus’s for sale in the uk and I suspect sales have dropped. We shall keep our machines as overall they have found us a lot of stuff.

Re: New coils?
Posted by: Lodge Scent
Date: July 22, 2018 06:26PM
I think that most people that have the HF coils do see the advantages they have over the LF coils in several types of situations. That certainly has been my experience. And if the new LF coil can run as quiet in 4 kHz as the HF coils do, then I expect that will be advantageous for me also. The fact that I can hunt in 4 to 28 kHz with just one coil is also an advantage for me. I think it just depends on what you hunt, where you hunt and how you hunt.

Re: New coils?
Posted by: Gary-B
Date: July 24, 2018 01:07AM
Trust me XP have not peaked !

Looking at the amount of XP's at UK and European events you can clearly see it is by far the most popular machine, there will always be machines on @#$%&. People sell for many different reasons, in many cases we see they are not selling their Deus because they are not happy, in fact it's the opposite, many people are buying new machines to take advantage of the XP 5 year warranty, and selling their old machines.

I would say between 70 and 80 percent of detectorist are using the Deus over here.
IF multifrequency was the holy grail of detecting we would all be using it.

Multifrequency - Just my thoughts.
Sure, it has a place on the wet sand, on paper it sounds like a good plan, but in the field I have never seen any advantages and feel single frequency machines are more "honest".
From what I have experienced using current multifrequency machines, I believe it needs to be improved.
Until we get a better multi frequency platform, sorry guys I am not a believer.

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Re: New coils?
Posted by: LTimedigger
Date: July 24, 2018 09:03AM
Doesnt the HF only run from 14 up? I wish it did run at 4hz

Re: New coils?
Posted by: Low-Boy/LCPM
Date: July 24, 2018 03:56PM
What do you think of the new coils that are coming out for relic hunting are they going to make it work differently then the HF coils that are out now. Is there an advantage with this new coil?


Re: New coils?
Posted by: targets
Date: August 10, 2018 09:22AM
looking for feedback on boost mode

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Re: New coils?
Posted by: ynnek4
Date: August 10, 2018 10:17AM
I already have my order in for a X35 13". Any word when they will arrive in the states?

Re: New coils?
Posted by: maansman
Date: August 10, 2018 11:55AM
Pre-ordered mine a few weeks ago at, got it on Wed.........I live in NY.


Re: New coils?
Posted by: remmy
Date: August 11, 2018 08:55AM
looking for feedback on boost mode

I got my x35 13 inch a few days ago and i am not overly impressed with boost mode. It only works in 4khz It seems to add a small amount of depth but the 13 does not give that much over my 9lf in general.
Also, it seems to like "deep" as it gives a better increase in depth but not so much at all with "hot" ( go to program)

Re: New coils?
Posted by: Goldpick
Date: August 15, 2018 06:54AM
I think you will find any improvements using the boost mode and 4khz will be for larger targets at depth versus your typical coin target (ie. hoards). Either way I rarely use 4khz due to being more susceptible to EMI in many places I detect.

Re: New coils?
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: August 15, 2018 07:15AM
I cant wait to get one and try it on relic very excited about this coil.

Re: New coils?
Posted by: Lodge Scent
Date: August 15, 2018 07:23AM

Also, it seems to like "deep" as it gives a better increase in depth but not so much at all with "hot" ( go to program)

That's sounds right Remmy. I wouldn't expect you to get any additional depth when running a "hot" program. With a typical Reactivity setting of 3, and TX at 1 or 2, that program is not designed for deep diving. I think the only way you are going to get extra depth out of the X35 coils compared to the same size old coil, is to use the boost in 4 kHz or take advantage of the X35's stability and jack up your settings.

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