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13"by 11" Coil Balance Adapter.
Posted by: Fire Fighter 43
Date: August 24, 2018 08:51AM
Does anyone have any thoughts on the balance of the large Deus coil. I was told it is toe heavy. I just ordered the large X35 coil and was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase the balance adapter for it. I can only find one that is made in the UK but they do not ship to the US. Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.

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Re: 13"by 11" Coil Balance Adapter.
Posted by: rebel pride
Date: August 24, 2018 11:41AM
I just hunted for five hours with mine and cant tell any difference from the LF 11" coil. Seems to be a little more stable. Found some 69 cal. bullets and three were right at 12 " deep.

Re: 13"by 11" Coil Balance Adapter.
Posted by: Ethane
Date: August 24, 2018 03:50PM
There are some on @#$%& that will ship worldwide. I ordered mine in France

Re: 13"by 11" Coil Balance Adapter.
Posted by: Gary-B
Date: August 27, 2018 12:56PM
I tried one of those adapter blocks and found it unbalanced the machine in a different way.

Personally I think XP have the best solution with the the way the original coil lugs are mounted.

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Re: 13"by 11" Coil Balance Adapter.
Posted by: Spud, GA
Date: September 20, 2018 02:11PM
I use the 11" x 13" coil almost exclusively. I find it to be very well balanced and I use the "tall man" middle shaft also as I like to cover as wide an area as I can.


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Re: 13"by 11" Coil Balance Adapter.
Posted by: remmy
Date: September 26, 2018 06:07AM
I use the x35 13 inch and it seems heavy but balanced. Going from a 9 lf the weight difference seems considerable.

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