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Any Deus users here that use the water proof kit?
Posted by: glasartisan
Date: August 27, 2018 10:34PM
This fresh water relic water hunter is curious to know if there are any hunters here that use the Deus with the water proof kit? And if so what components are you using and how configured. Module only? puck only? or both? wired or wireless phones?
My set up is using the module in its water proof bag hanging around my neck, then I have the puck connected to a pair of wireless deteknix. The antenna is the official wire that comes from the kit. I run that up the inside of my straight shaft and I have the end of the antenna connected to the bottom part of the puck with tape holding the wire tight to it. I know I really dont need the module out in the water with me because I have my programs already loaded on to the puck. But it still is nice to make changes that might need to be done that the puck controller wont allow you to do.
Now if I wade out any deeper, my main module in the waterproof bag will be under water and I will lose the signal to the puck on headphones and then I believe I would need to run a secondary jumper antenna running from the bag up to my main antenna that is taped to the puck controller to get communications back. Any of you guys run the Deus like this out in the water or maybe you have some ideas that would better serve me. Thanks, Steve

Re: Any Deus users here that use the water proof kit?
Posted by: Hotdawg
Date: August 27, 2018 11:35PM
Hi Steve,

I use mine with the pod only and with the ear buds that came with the kit. the only thing I didn't use out of the kit was those sticky tabs as I found them useless as they didn't stick very well and I just used zip ties instead. Using the pod is pretty awesome because it also gives a VDI reading in which I didn't know until I started using it underwater. When you use the pod only there's no need to use the Remote. I can make changes with the pod.

Thx., Paul

Re: Any Deus users here that use the water proof kit?
Posted by: glasartisan
Date: August 28, 2018 08:59PM
Thanks for sharing Paul and also the pic. Just interested in how other water hunters hook up there rig. I know what you are talking about with the sticky plastic antenna receivers. They fall off. I ended using something like water proof silicone glue
and stuck it on the back side of the bag. It does hold up now. You are right your basic adjustments are available to you thru the puck but if you need advanced settings then you need the module. I just always carried it because there are times I need to make an advanced adjustment, ground balance or change the tone breaks.
Have you ever lost connection with your coil while out water hunting? For some reason I did last week. I had both on, the puck on my wireless phones and the module was hanging around my neck, but it was not submerged only the coil was. I have my antenna going up to the puck which was tapped to the pucks receiver and I was loosing my coil every 10 minutes and then would come back for approx another 10 minutes then again no coil. I dont know what was going on as I have been using this method for a couple years with no problems. What I finally did is undo the antenna at the puck and plugged it into the antenna receiver on the bag and it worked good all day. Nothing fell off that would affect the signal during that time I had problems. Now that was the first time I used 4.1 that I down loaded, always used 3.2 until last week and never no issues with loosing coil and then coming back. Lost on that one. Thanks, Steve

Re: Any Deus users here that use the water proof kit?
Posted by: veemaxx
Date: August 29, 2018 12:35AM
I have been using mine more in the water than out. I have the water kit from XP and used it with both the remote and the puck. I accidentally cut the antenna with a car door so I made up an antenna out of coax for tv's, actually works better than the thin cable that comes with the kit. I use duct tape to secure it to the coil and shaft. I made the coax about 8 feet long so there is enough to stick over my head under a hat with the hot end by my left ear. I use the back phones and puck. I worried about jerking off the phones with the coax so this way they are just close but not connected. Of course I have to keep my head above water which I would anyway since the water around here has about 6 inches of visibility.

Re: Any Deus users here that use the water proof kit?
Posted by: glasartisan
Date: August 29, 2018 11:00PM
Thanks Veemaxx, since you use both the puck and module, I assume the module you have is in the bag and probably never gets submerged. I think then if it would you would need a secondary antenna from bag to your ear or puck? Where do you wear the module? Steve

Re: Any Deus users here that use the water proof kit?
Posted by: veemaxx
Date: October 10, 2018 01:07AM
Sorry I just seen this but better late than never. I tried using the remote with ear buds in the xp bag tucked up under my hat along with the antenna which worked alright, then I did the same with the puck thinking that it is the cheaper of the two and smaller. The ear buds kind of bother my ears and kept falling out so now I just use the back phones with the puck. The puck is supposed to be water resistant, there is a video of one in a glass of water that still worked so I just tuck the antenna up and over my head with a hat that uses a chin strap. Works just fine, I quit using the vdi numbers while water hunting which upped my haul of small earrings, toe rings, belly pins and chains. The 9 inch HF coil is the way to go if you are after gold.

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