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Finds I was able to return
Posted by: brianc577
Date: December 26, 2013 02:12PM
I was relic hunting in a city park in Richmond Virginia where I found many silver coins and an occasional Confederate button. The park dated back to the 1880's and before that was a Confederate Camp area. I found a WWII dog tag and after cleaning it I could clearly see the name and the home town in New York on the dog tag. I knew the odds were slim but I called 411 and asked for the gentleman's phone number and sure enough he was still among the living and in the same town. After a brief conversation he told me he was stationed in Richmond as an MP during WWII. I sent him his dog tag and I hope it will be honored by his decedents.

I was able to return three class rings I had found in the same park. The thrill of returning a lost treasure surpasses the great thrill of finding it. The city of Richmond revoked the permits they had issued to hunt their parks several years ago, so I have not been able to continue the activity.

I returned my first class ring in 1989. I had found a nice women's class ring in Pocahontas State Park from a local High school the summer before I went to the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). At that time, VMI had "honor court inspections", where Cadets where required to return any items that did not belong to them, or acquire permission to have them. Well, as I mentally accounted for my possession's I remembered that at home, in my display case of finds, was that ring so I had to ask my mom to try to find the owner. She was able to easily locate the Colonial Heights High School graduate and return it so my conscious was clear for the Honor Court Check.

Re: Finds I was able to return
Posted by: coast40
Date: April 04, 2017 03:46AM
Re: Finds I was able to return
Posted by: okdirtjunky
Date: August 25, 2017 07:23PM
Good job. Keep on searching and returning

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