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Kinda metal detecting relted.
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: August 30, 2014 08:02AM
My eldest Son graduated from High School in 1985 and in 1987 he lost his high school class ring. He borrowed a metal detector and searched and searched our front yard as that is where he was positive that he had lost the ring. He finally admitted that when he worked on his car he would remove his ring and leave it on a window sill. He forgot the ring for a couple of days and when he went to get the ring it was gone.

A few days over a month ago my Wife of 50 years had her left knee replaced. It was use a walker for a week or so and then she graduated to a cane. She got to the point that she didnt really need the cane but carried it as a security blanket.

She decided to go somewhere almost two weeks ago and when she got to the sidewalk in front of the house she stopped to check her balance after walking down the front steps.

She happened to glance under a shrub that grows by the side walk and saw something round in the dirt. She said that it made her curious and she didnt think that a perfectly round item would be natural.

She took her cane and moved the item to where she could pick it up. She then thought that it was a piece of pipe. When she saw that it was a ring she thought that maybe our next door neighbor had lost it as he had gotten off his riding mower within a couple of feet of that shrub.

She wiped the dirt off the ring and could see 85. It was then that she knew she had found our sons ring. She took her cane and began to ring the doorbell repeatedly. I rushed to the door fearing the worst and when I opened the door she was shaking and said " I Found Ernie's Class Ring".

27 years that ring lay within three feet of our sidewalk. I had worked that yard many times over the past two years hoping to find that ring but never got the coil under that shrub far enough to detect the ring.

Since our Son's 47th birthday was this past Tuesday he received his High School class Ring as part of his birthday present. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

Now I am jokingly told that one does not need a metal detector to find gold rings you only need a titanium knee. I told her that I would continue to use a detector even though it is obvious that I need practice finding gold but I much prefer the detector to a new knee.

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Re: Kinda metal detecting relted.
Posted by: coast40
Date: April 04, 2017 03:19AM
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