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lifesaver detector
Posted by: coenwolf
Date: August 21, 2015 10:40AM
about 37-38 years ago my youngest daughter was around 18 months old ,and one of the older kids was messing around in the living room when a metal button popped off her dungarees (they were all the rage in the u.k back then) the youngest girl promptly grabbed it off the floor thinking it was a sweet and swallowed it ,in a panic as most parents would be we went to the local doctors who told us that thousands of kids do this every year and she would soon pass it through in her motions and not to worry .
A few hours later out of curiosity i ran my newly acquired state of the art field master metal detector over her and located the button in her throat area ,a couple of hours after that i did it again and it was still in the same place ,we then decided to take her to the A&E dept at the local hospital ,after a quick explanation followed by a x-ray she had a emergency operation to remove the button which had lodged in her voice box area and she was breathing through the four holes in the button .yep that old detector saved her life that day probably why i still love this hobby

Re: lifesaver detector
Posted by: coast40
Date: April 04, 2017 03:13AM
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