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Two Returns in one weak
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: May 13, 2016 10:38AM
Friday May 6 I found a set of keys at the beach. One of the keys was for a mail box and the other was for a door at the Citadel (Military College of South Carolina) in Charleston. I suspected that one of the Cadets had lost their keys. I got in touch with the lady in charge of the campus post office and she said she would be happy to return the keys to the Cadet that lost them She could identify the cadet by the number of the mailbox key. She said that there would be a very happy Cadet as they charge $10.00 to replace the mail box key and $100.00 to rekey the door lock.

On Monday the 9th I walked on the beach before the sun came sneaking up out of the Atlantic Ocean. Had not walked onto the beach but a very few feet when I had a target. Swung the coil out of the way to scoop that target and had a second target. First target was a clad quarter and the second was a sterling silver ring with a bunch of small fake stones.

Some four hours later a guy walked up to me and demanded to know what kind of ring did you find. Seems that a retired Submariner and I had chatted for a while talking bout what boats we had served in and he apparently told the guy that I had found a ring. The guys aggressive manner made me uncooperative real quickly. Also the young lady with him could not tell me what she had lost. So I denied finding any rings.

I watched the couple for a while and when he walked off the breach I went up to her and asked what had she lost. She described the ring perfectly. She was much more relaxed when he was not around so I told her that I had just found a ring and pulled it out of my pocket. She slipped it on her finger and it was a perfect fit. Her smile made it worth taking the time to let the Rectal Orifice get away from her.

They had gotten married on Saturday and she lost the ring Sunday evening With the attitude and demeanor of the guy I fear that if she makes him mad he will do her great harm. I hope I am wrong.

Photo is of the key return at The Citadel. I did not have a camera with me for the ring return.

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Re: Two Returns in one weak
Posted by: bootyhoundpa
Date: July 06, 2016 04:07PM
Sorry i didnt see these stories earlier...another atta boy to you george. .. you did the right thing george even when doing the right thing was difficult. .. n o t sure how i would have handled it but you did good...

Re: Two Returns in one weak
Posted by: nh-trekker
Date: November 29, 2016 09:39AM
NICE return George.. Did you have to think twice ????

Re: Two Returns in one weak
Posted by: diver608
Date: January 01, 2017 10:36PM
It's fun to find but it's even better to return. Good job on both!

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