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Traveling Treasure Room Route Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: July 22, 2017 07:59AM
The Lincoln Highway pre-dates Route 66 by a dozen or so years. I noticed years ago how the highway signs are in the shape of an OWL, so it didn't take much to realize that the highway system, copying the railroad system, follows a "chosen route" that allows for the highway to be built along major treasure rooms and major resources.

Highway 30 through Iowa is an interesting google street search for treasures of the Lincoln Highway. As you google street this route, pay particular attention to the effigies which are still seen today, tho some of them have been plowed (farm fields) so many times that they are now blurry, but still distinguishable.

The Railroads were given 10 miles of land on each side of the track for the major routes. Spur-lines were given a section of land on each side of the track, but these sections were alternating from one side to another, so that no two sections were next to each other, creating a"zipper" look on a map. Anyway, this Highway 30 is nothoing less than a route that follows the Aztec effigies that mark out EVERY treasure site in America......and if the effigies are any indication (and they ARE) then Iowa has so many treasure sites (no doubt the other 12 States that this highway runs through do to).

I have an old map of the County in Iowa where i grew up, and it shows the 7 treasure rooms around Harlan, Iowa. At that time, I just thought that Shelby County Iowa, with its 7 treasure rooms, was a "supplier" to the other lodges, but th efact is, Shelby County is no different than any other place in Iowa.......where treasures of the Aztecs abound. Find these effegies and learn to see them and understand them, for they WILL lead you to their treasure rooms. In these effigies, lok for the following
treasure signs that pertain to accumulation rooms: OWL (of Minerva), the BELL and the DUCK.

Just for practice, take Google street to Logan, Iowa,, on highway 30. Go through Logan til the highway goes south by the Country Store. Instead fof going south on 30, go forward, onto 7th street. ("7"th Street is not by accident) and follow it a block or so to the end. Now, look in the field to the west at the end of 7th Street......if you cannot spot the treasure room, you need more practice. The next Aztec site is on 30, just south of the Country Store, on the west side of 30. I found over 20 sites of the Aztecs just in the Logan area. I chose Logan because this is my old "neighborhood" and I know some of the town from way back when, which helps in determining what's what when it comes to these effigies.

Jesse james also was associated with treasure rooms in Nebraska, and Valentine. Nebraska was close to one of Jesse's treasure rooms......this treasure room (actually, several of them in this area west of Valentine) has Aztec Effigies pointing these "Jesse James Treasure Rooms" out ot the those who can see them, and understand them. Same for BLACKBEARD, KIDD, outlaws, inlaws, you name it.....whatever treasure site you are looking for, these Effigies point the way. ALL Treasure sites originated as least to a certain degree.

This guy appears to be nuts.

Re: Traveling Treasure Room Route Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: July 22, 2017 08:12AM
Sorry, as cancer takes over my body, I find that I have some trouble with coordinance and thought patterns. What I want to say is that these highways and Interstates were created for the moving of treasure (as well as other reasons). EVERY Interstae in America, EVERY Highway in America, has treasure along it. Some routes have more rooms than othe rroutes, and the major treasure room routes will have numbers and names that reflect this fact. Hwy 30, for example, has it's own "message" that pertains to treasure, as well as what group constructed these roads. The length of the Lincoln Hwy is something. The length was shortened to 1,243 miles, or something like that (1, 423?) either way, it comes out to 1234, the codes for "triangle" and the DUCK (a major room symbol), together, the numbers add up to 10.

Also, there are 13 States that this Hwy runs through. 13 is the "M"....another OWL sign, another treasure sign. Everything connected to this Hwy screams TREASURE ROOMS.

I have more info that I am releasing before i'm called to go Home, and this info has never been released before, just like the Effigy-info has never been released before.

Re: Traveling Treasure Room Route Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: July 22, 2017 08:26AM
There is a National Park (Parks were created to protect treasure sites) called; Effigy Mounds National Park, and it has its own web-site. If you go to this we4b sit6e you will see a couple of the Park Service photos of these mounds. In one you can locate the letter "A" in the lower right corner. This is not an act of nature, it is an act of man.

These mounds are very similar to what you'll see in the fields across Across America, but not "mounded." The Effigies in the field are "scratched" or "molded" into the earth and not mounded with dirt (in most cases).

The Effigy National Park does all it can to try to distort the fact that the Native America Tribes were all "from the Sun," that a drop of blood (gold) from the Sun came to earth and sprouted into human-kind. This is why they hoarded gold (for spiritual power, the mopre gold (blood) thye more power in the spirit world, which made for more power in this life. ALL tribes hoarded gold....ALL OF THEM. There are so many "Montezuma Treasure Rooms" in America that it's a sin to think of just one being out there.

The Aztecs scoured every inch of America, created Effigies to mark out sites of interest, then moved on...south.....eventually coming into Mexico and South America.....leaving their Effigies all along the way.

Re: Traveling Treasure Room Route Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: July 23, 2017 10:41AM
Folks, ....these Effigies are not only easy to see....they are easy to decipher.....HOWEVER......they DO Lead to treasure sites if you follow the OWL, then look for the DUCK (any part of, or the entire body of the duck) and finally, look for the BELL (again, parts-of, or complete.) You'll find more complete BELLS when you zoom-out to 2K....or whatever suits you. I like to see the shapes of the mountains/hills/fields, etc. Somehow, these people who set-up these effigies, had access to something that allowed for them to "view" the earth from several hundred feet above it (I'll let you make your own decision on this....I'm comfortable where I'm at with this info). it down in you google, stay out a ways (2K-1K??) to see the shapes of everything.....the Aztecs, and the rest, ALWAYS used these natural areas that seem to be too huge for "human" manipulation" (mountain range, cluster of hills, etc) are in the shape of the signs they use at their sites, or along the trails to the site. If you see a shape (OWL) that is of interest (these owls can be made of treed-in areas, like islands, parts of a farm field in Iowa, you get my point?? For example, if you googled Machias Maine for the OWL EFFIGY (this owl is exactly like the one's used in Egyptian writing, both on paper and on stone) with the long legs, then you also saw a couple of other effigies that I cannot seem to make the right (and one to the left) are a couple of them that are just as tall as the owl. When you go this owl in Machias Bay....look at your distance scale and use it to see how long/high this Effigy is.

Re: Traveling Treasure Room Route Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway)
Posted by: Red Clay
Date: August 07, 2017 06:17PM
This person definitely needs their medications adjusted.:crazy:

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