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And here I am(ctx 3030 review)
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: May 29, 2012 11:35PM
Got my ctx 3030 today. Here is a short but sweet review.

I hunted Two sites:

First was a monument:

The site was picked clean, I found junk and had an empty hole, but that was the probes fault as I did not know how to use it. Also, my sensitivity was to low( I didnt know how to adjust it at the time), so I need to go back and check that spot again. The good new though was it's an iron heavy site, and i was able to clear tell the difference between falseing and a target.

Next was a park:

On monday I want out with the etrac and found a 1942 canadian penny with a king or prince on it(my first ever) at a different site five miles away. Today at this site with the ctx 3030, I found a 1941 canadian penny, two back to back, weird. I dug 20 targets, 15 coins 5 trash. 4 weaties 1948, 1944, 1925, 1919. I got fooled by iron twice, It was a down pour though and I might not have been focused.

Over all, Im really impressed with this machine:
The processor is very fast...
Waterproof no fear of the rain....
target trace is the best at dodging iron....
the feel of the weight is so much lighter than the etrac...

Target ID on most coins were accurate, but the deep wheaties came in at any #/38-42.
I had a hard time finding nickels deeper than 4" and at that depth they seem more erratic and the tone was more quiet.

no silver this time, maybe next time.

TC and HH all!


Re: And here I am(ctx 3030 review)
Posted by: jablonsky
Date: May 29, 2012 11:40PM
Enjoy your new toy! More treasure is coming.


Re: And here I am(ctx 3030 review)
Posted by: doc1964
Date: May 30, 2012 07:56AM
Nice report Bey - those Canadian pennies (we find quite a few here in Michigan) portray King George IV.:smile:

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