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Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: MHirschmann
Date: September 17, 2012 04:39PM
I have been digging tons of pennies in the 12-44 to 46 range. I never did this with my E-Trac. Anyone else finding this, and if so, have you found a way to tell the difference between a penny and a dime? I feel that my ET did a better job at separating coin types than my CTX does, but right now I'm just accepting it as part of the learning curve.

I also dug a bunch of nickels today that have me confused. One was a 12-11, most were 12-13, one was a 12-15 and one was a 12-18. They were all jeffersons and were quite flat and less than 5 inches.

I would appreciate any help. I'm sure one of you guys will set me straigh.

Thanks in advance. -Marc

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: "Dr.Tones"
Date: September 17, 2012 05:55PM
I have the some problem. I've noticed that for some reason pennies from the early 80's and prior consistently read 12:43-12:45. Not sure why this is but I'm guessing it has something to do with copper content vs zinc (or any other metals in other coins). Pretty annoying. I really haven't had too much variation with other coins. Gotta digm unless anyone else has a top secret trick they're not sharing?

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: TheGeorgiaCanuck
Date: September 17, 2012 06:23PM
Welcome to my dilemma. Canadian copper pennies ring from 12-36 to 12-42. Modern clads ring up 12-38 to 12-45. I just dig it all.

Got a fishscale nickel yesterday, it rang up a solid 12-44/12-45.

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Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: TIM CLARK
Date: September 17, 2012 06:34PM
I have got some Wheats that has hit on the 12/44-45 most of the copper penny i am seeing them at 12/42-43 also the clad dimes are hitting for me in that 12/42-43 . The nickel I am seeing from 12/11 thur 12/15 but I would say 95% are hitting 12/13 on the old one I got a buffalo and a war nickel and a V nickel they hit at 12/13 for me. I had one of my buffalo that was 12/13 thur 12/18 and it was 7 inches deep.:twodetecting::minelab::cheers:

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Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: MHirschmann
Date: September 17, 2012 08:02PM
Thanks guys for all the replies. I was a bit worried that I had something going on with my machine because I never had this "issue" with my E-Trac. I knew a penny from a dime almost every time with my ET, but not so much with this machine. Guess it's just a normal part of the learning curve if you guys are finding the same thing. I'll adapt to it. Thanks again for your input and happy hunting. -Marc

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: mtwolf2270
Date: September 17, 2012 08:21PM
Dimes for me will often hit 13 43 13 44 I have seen wheats in 12 42 12 43 nickels will hit 12 11 12 12 12 13 war nickels 12 18 12 20 for me so far. I have found when a wheat or copper hits 12 44 12 45 there is other coins or trash near by the coil is seeing 90 percent of the time that has been the case for me.

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: LandOLincoln
Date: September 18, 2012 08:07AM
I went out last night and hit a silver rosie that rang up 12-44 when I initially got the good tone but when I centered it on the coil and pinpointed the numbers I was getting were 12-39 and 12-40. That isn't unusual for ferrous coin/combine setting in my dirt though. The shallow copper pennies and pennies on edge usually give me better numbers due to strength of signal probably. Deep clad pennies typically read in the 12-36 to 12-38 range for me.

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Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: MHirschmann
Date: September 18, 2012 10:26AM
Well it sounds like my machine is reacting exactly the same as everyone else's, so that's good news. Whether or not I like the "shift" in values from where targets fell on the E-Trac is another story, but that's my problem as this machine is not an E-Trac. I will get used to it, but I am going to have to re-train my E-Trac brain to this machine which I for some reason didn't expect I would have to do. I though the TID's would be carried over the same. No bother, I just need to spend more time swinging and learning.

Thanks for the replies. -Marc

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: September 18, 2012 12:51PM
I've not dug any pennies that read 12-45/12-46. They come in as 12-42/43 primarily, and ocassionally 12-44. Silver dimes come in mostly 12-45. Some of the thinner/worn dimes come in at 12-40. Quarters come in at 12-46/47.
I usually run ferrous coin target separation.

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: LUCKY ME
Date: September 18, 2012 04:38PM
My 3030 reads 12-37 for zinc clad & 12-42 for copper. I deleted the clad and dig only the copper.

Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: Mike MD
Date: September 18, 2012 06:58PM
I hunt in ground coin and deep pennies jump 12-44 to 45 and occasionally 12-46.
Silver dimes have come in right a 12-43 and will jump to 12-46 every now and then
Quarters have been for the most part 12-46/47 with the silver sometimes hitting 12-48
Nickels have been all over the place 12-11 to 12/15. I had one war nickel read 12-22
Indians 12-36/37/38 (I don't dig these signals unless they are 6 inches or deeper to avoid zincolns) I did dig and 1880 that rang in at 12/30 7 1/2 inches deep and pretty worn.


Re: Pennies at 12-44, 45, 46?
Posted by: greenmeanie
Date: September 18, 2012 07:47PM
I brought this up on another FORUM.
Mine all read to close together not to dig pennies.
A penny,dime,quarter fall to close together or the same for me not to dig just to be safe.

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