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Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: Sevenpiece
Date: December 26, 2015 02:12PM
Got the 5X10 in today,from toe to heel it's the same or a bit longer. Performance we'll have to wait and see.

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: Sevenpiece
Date: December 26, 2015 02:38PM
I posted on fakebook looking for a 6" or 5X10 a guy had a 6" but by the time I seen it , it was sold $250, So I got the 5X10 for $250, I'm still gonna get a 6', I know how well it works on my XTerra 505.

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: Sevenpiece
Date: January 08, 2016 10:09PM
The 5X10 measures the same from toe to heel as the stock 11" ? coil 9 5/8"X 11". The 5X10 measures 9 5/8" X 5 1/2". I guess that's why Coiltek calls it a deep seeker, has very good depth and separation. I was hitting .22 cal. at better than 6". found a few fired bullets one good lookin .56 Spencer all better than 6" I didn't measure any finds this time.

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: bklein
Date: February 13, 2016 02:09PM
I am confused a bit by this thread (and the way the CTX acts) when two targets are detected.
1) it is not clear if you can use discrimination to eliminate one of two targets identified. In the screw/coin testing, will maskiing iron leave you the iron sound? If not, why? Why did Minelab decide it better to have silence?
2) are there detectors that play two or more sounds simultaneously?

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: February 13, 2016 02:46PM
Those 2 targets the screw and coin together are seen as one this is a blended target with iron and silver copper or other high conductor . If the coin and screw are not touching then you would get audio .
Disc well not effect the target because it's seeing iron and a high conductor at the same time and you can not disc out the high conductor . But iron by itself will disc out .
I still don't know why the signal dose not give audio I think it's canceling out the audio part because the signals are canceling out each other ? .
If you run in pattern 1 the same thing happens no matter what level of disc you use even with the screw disc out .
I think the target trace is more intelligent than the audio because it can place the two on the screen at the same time .Maybe the audio dose not work because it can't tell what it is a high conductor or low conductor .
But if you put a pull-tab with a dime it well read 12.35 instead of 12.43 low conductor with high conductor touching why it gives audio in this situation don't know all I can say is it must be a iron thing
If anybody has a ideal feel welcome to post . sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: March 23, 2016 08:32PM
Date: this minute
Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 1,055 Well only took 7 hours to get the vid processed ,
There's a few things to mention before watching the video some targets were hard to see because I had to watch the camera and my sweep was not on center also I found that there is a delay from switching from ferrous coin to pinpoint sizing a second or two so engage pinpoint sizing a foot or two away from target and sweep into the target this gives the machine time to change modes and the target trace response quicker .
You have to understand what the iron is doing to the signal any iron , when you here the grunt of the iron or high false this will be 3 to 6 inches away from the target as you continual the sweep you will hit the false on the other side of the coil grunt or high tone this is not where you build the target you build the target between the grunts . Where there is no audio if you swing to far from side to side you will hit the false which gives audio like I did but I was detecting blind because the camera blocked my vision . So the best way to build a target is to just shake or wiggly the detector over the no audio spot this well give you the most accurate reading .
I kept saying numbers which should of been target location on the screen east west hits have lower #s and locations on the screen than north south hits the north south hits give higher or almost true readings because the coil is seeing the thin part of the nail and not the long part this is why you cross sweep the target to see what it does north and south .

This is a great way to relic hunt just by seeing the nonferrous signals in pinpoint sizing with target trace enabled also for checking iffy signals that you get while hunting in you regular mode.

For high trash areas like fairgrounds and some areas in parks hunting in pinpoint sizing with target trace .

I also like to mention that I don't know what's all going on but I know what the detector is displaying on the screen since I started hunting with this a couple years back I would hunt in ferrous coin and target trace and only find a few of these targets a hunt , now with going just in pinpoint sizing with target trace I have been finding twice as many targets .

I will be making a infield hunt video later this is just to get you started I tried but the screen glare was to bad and have to build something to hide the glare .

:thumbup: sube

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Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: kittlitz
Date: March 23, 2016 09:19PM
Great stuff, Sube. Thanks!


Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: March 25, 2016 09:20PM Here you go this is for high trash low trash and ground coin . sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: CCadrin
Date: March 25, 2016 09:30PM
Tried to access the above video but it was flagged as private.

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: March 25, 2016 09:49PM
Yea I changed that to public I don't no if it's on yet but it's being edited for shaky vid it's probably take 15 more minutes to be done or it's on now. sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: March 27, 2016 09:16AM
A fine gentleman from another forum ask to see what depth I could get a trace at holding the coil above the target something I overlooked here are the results . ferrous coin would hit at 3 inches on a east west hit and 7 inches on a north south hit. High trash would only see it at 1 1/2 inches on a east west hit and 7 inches on a north south hit the north south hits all gave audio as you know so it would appear that the trace is tied to the audio yet at the same time the east west hits have no audio . So I still don't know why the trace is working on the east west hit without audio which would make it appear that the trace would be separate from the audio ?. I guess some more testing is in the works in the (dirt) . Well at least I found that this can be done in high trash to but it's not as deep as ferrous coin .One other thing is maybe when in ferrous coin the trace is seeing it north south and giving no audio because of the ground covering it . That would explain why I could of dug these signals down to 7 inches in real dirt . I guess I will have to wait for the snow to go away before more testing . sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: March 29, 2016 05:30PM
Well at the end of the video I said field and it was in the basement .So I went outside and did the same test with the same results. sube

Masking video. sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: March 30, 2016 09:44AM
Well I think I got some more of this figured out went into the basement and did some more test , instead of using that 4 inch nail on the dime I replaced it with a 3 inch nail which I cut in half to make it 1 1/2 inches long.

I ran the same test with high trash and ferrous coin , bang it hit me in the head the nail over the dime was smaller now ferrous coin and high trash both hit the dime at 7 inches no problem but ferrous coin was much easier to see high trash would come in not quite as good but if I looked at the screen more carefully you could see where the blocks leading up to the top were a lighter shade which made it harder to see then again sometimes it would be very vivid .

So it works similar to audio the bigger the nail the less depth you would get in trace the nail did not give audio on the east west hit at any depth except when you went north and south . So then I took 2 nails a inch and a half and x them like in my video trying to kill the audio both ways which it did same results 7 inches no problem .

So on to a more realistic test outside in (dirt) same results but it started to struggle at 8 inches Fresh dug hole dime nail .

It would be nice if someone could do this in there dirt and let us know if you have hot soil and give us your results .:smile::smile::smile: sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: April 09, 2016 03:32PM

A few things I didn't mention in the video a east west hit always falses at the surface or at depth the bottle cap (iron) always gives 2 hits east west or north south , other bottle caps well give 1 hit those with aluminum foil in cap or just the metal there made of . Also pieces of iron , square , strips , irregular shapes and such well display the double hit but washers and stuff similar well give only 1 hit because there round with no points on them .(when I mention east west or north south think of the coils tip that's the farthest away from you as north). The north south hit on the nail well give only 1 hit if your 3 inches above or 3 inches deep the dime well triple hit if on the surface or about 2 inches deep , deeper well be a single hit .

When pinpointing the target you want to be in the center of those 2 hits east west to get the most accurate id of it you see me going back and forth over the falses on the side of the real target this is to show you that the falses also build on the screen 1 at about 12.15 and the other at 12.47 or 12.48 with the coin at the 12.37 mark being the biggest mark you can use these falses to find the center of the true target but when you pinpoint try to stay in the middle .This is very important when you have multiple nails to contend with.

The 12.37 I am getting from the coin is dragged down because of the size of the nail if it was a 4 inch nail the numbers would be 12.25 or so you can see that different sizes of iron well give different id numbers. Also the bigger the nail the less depth you will get or other iron object .

So most people get a false and pinpoint only to be dragged away from the original hit , but did they check to see if a coin was there using trace or just kept on detecting .Most of these hits when they happen are north south falses because they are actually pinpointing the nail but did they see if there was a target with that nail . On a east west hit there on the false which will build and dig and receive nothing because on this hit the nail is silent unless they hit the other false on the other side of the target .

The same thing happens with a coin 3 to 4 inches north or south of the nails center on a east west hit if you were creeping you would of picked that coin up before the nail and if you creep by the nail and there was a coin 3 inches north of the nail you would have picked it up with the tail of the coil .So the importance of overlapping the coil sweeps.

Find the target the 2 hits nail bottle cap whatever turn 90 degrees to the target are you getting 1 or 2 hits nail will be 1 hit most other iron object will retain the 2 hits either way now you kind of have a ideal what your looking at if a coin is with the nail chances are you will get audio on the other iron object with the 2 hits creep both ways to see if you can get audio .

If you receive no audio go to target trace pinpoint and see if you can build a target . I have my hot key thank to Bryan v trojdor and set up with high trash with disc set to just knock out nails I will check it in this mode also it discriminates a little different than ferrous coin giving me more imfo . Your still checking the target from north to south because the nail does not mask as well this way . Unless there are more nails involved which I will explain in a future video.

Non ferrous items are easy to work in there displayed on the screen and are not silent it's the iron that gives the problem being silent or throwing a false where the target is not located that's why you have to know what the iron is doing . :thumbup: sube

Re: hunting in trash
Posted by: sube
Date: April 17, 2016 01:54PM

Well I called mine lab and finally got a technician I started to explain what I was doing mind you he runs a ctx also . I might have been better off going to Wal-Mart and asking the checker behind the counter the guy did not have a clue what I was talking about :rage:

So I started playing with the setting again I had high trash set up to just knock out nails so I read about some old settings about the e-trac . So I put my detector in conductive and low and behold the dime started giving audio . not when directly under the nail but anywhere near except east west above or below .

Now I was under the assumption that combine would give audio when the dime was not under the nail like nail dime nail hit . Which would be low tone high tone low tone but it only gave a low tone for all the hits what happened to the high tone is there a glitch in combine or what .

So I had 2 different patterns set up both high trash does not matter what separation you use . I have the nails disc out 31 line to the 35 line any higher say 30 and up you would loose the audio because if you disc out say 29 and the coin with the nail comes in at 29.45 you will not hear it the cursor is just above the iron bin in the right hand corner . Now a thing about that cursor to watch is it dipping down in the 31 to 35 or is it staying above say it's going 29 to 20 good sign and the co #s have got to be stable say a dime would be 43 to 45 , 45 to 47 or 46 to 48 with a occasional 12.45 mixed in .

My bins are set up as bin 1 1 to 10 80hz bin 2 11 to 15 1000hz bin 3 16 to 28 80hz bin 4 29 to 50 1000hz this is my coin pattern you have to remember once that iron gets above the 31 line it will take whatever hz you assign to it Lot's of looking at the screen and more falses but easy to check by cross sweeping .

I wish that the combine mode worked like it was suppose to but when the nail is close to the coin it gives only a low tone except when cross sweep .

A nickel is a little strange as it well come in at 12.40 to 12.41 on a east west hit that's the coin at the point of the nail not under and when sweep north south well be 14.14 or there abouts but great audio either way.

So watch video and see what you think . sube

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