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Re: Hacking the CTX
Posted by: iDetectorX
Date: February 02, 2018 07:22AM
Wish you would hurry up and get it done. Would like to test it.
The Normall, Smoothed, Long. Needs to be adjustable for one
Second the Display needs to be Brighter. With brighter targets or change the colors so you can see them under the black displays on the screen.
Also very low Iron Audi down to 15 cycles or so. Also assign a Audio to a discrimation pattern on the screen. Whatever dot screen you create anywhere on the screen. Be able to highlight the dot pattern and assign a tone. Just like I can do on tneWhites V3i...Add at least 5 more patterns to save. 10 not enough
50 tone would like to assign the indivuall line frequencys I want. Be able to change every vertical line with freq of my choice.
Also be able to lock transmitt frequency on what I want to select. Best over all frequency 7.5 KHz but I want a selection of 1.5 kHz 5khz. 7.5khz. 9.5 kHz. 11.5 kHz 13.5 kHz 15.5 kHz
17.5 kHz. 22khz. Or just make it variable. Also slight increase in power if possible. The Garrett AT Pro out performs the CTX3030. The people I hunt with find Spanish Reals 1/2 silver dimes. Largecents. Coppers. English coins. Everything. The ctx3030 sucks. The software Sucks

I don't know if you were suggesting running the CTX in some kind of an individual frequency mode, but if you were and if you were basing it on the concept that FBS machines use 28 frequencies you'd be disappointed if you could get a single frequency to lock. The first thing you'd discover is that FBS machines only use 2 frequencies, albeit in a fairly genius sequence. If you could get the CTX to lock in single frequency modes, it would only be 3.125khz and 25khz. The rest are harmonics of the fundamental which serve no useful purpose other than to sound impressive as they can technically claim to transmit any number they want. Harmonics are basically echoes or shadows of the original or fundamental frequency. The secret of FBS was the sequence at which the two frequencies are fired and the way the halflife of the 3.125khz signal is utilized as a sort of pulse like signal. FBS and BBS are more time domain algorithms or as much time domain as they are frequency domain.

Re: Hacking the CTX
Posted by: bklein
Date: August 20, 2018 09:46AM
Hopefully I’ll wake this thread up...
I had replaced my cr1220 internal battery years ago to fix flakey settings behavior. The original was low voltage. It was tricky to get the code loaded back on the unit with xchange 2. Now it has happened again - internal battery dead. Also my main battery just went bad and wont fully charge. So I rebuilt the main battery and replaced the internal battery same day. The detector keeps getting a USB Connected fault whether or not USB is connected. My pc’s get “unrecognized device” on a USB connect. This seems only a firmware issue but I cant get it recognized so I camt reload it. The detector otherwise functions - you can hear it detect thingand see the detect screen inbetween the fault messages. Has anyone determined the exact processor used and how usb is implemented? I wonder what Minelab’s fix is on these. It is not due to water getting into the usb connector.

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