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Re: CTX 3030 waterproof headphones
Posted by: LawrencetheMDer
Date: January 12, 2019 10:34PM
I bought the Gray Ghost waterproof headphones in 2017, used them for about 2 weeks. In 2018 used them for 4 months and they started to go bad. Loss sounds/signals, cracking noise, low volume or none and intermittent. I traced the problem to a possible broken wire inside the headphone cable where it goes into the headphone jack on the CTX 3030. In searching my written literature for trouble shooting, I discovered the Gray Ghost Warranty card that I was suppose to mail-in within 14 days of buying the Gray Ghost headphones, so I guess I'm out of luck regarding the lifetime warranty. Was looking to buy another waterproof headphone manufacturer and came across two that look identical - one is sold on Amazon (Minelab CTX 3030 Waterproof Headphones Garden Accessory, made by Minelab) listed at about $93.00 and good down to 3 meters/10 feet (also found at Serious Detecting for $149.00). These have very poor reviews. There appears to be almost identical headphones sold by others (e.g., Kelleyco) made by Koss for the Minelab CTX 3030 for $149.00 that are good to 200 ft. Without further info, I'll probably go with the the Koss headphones for $149.00, but can't get over the poor quality Ghosts and hate to spend about $50.00 more for the Koss vs the Minelab, if I don't need to. Any feedback appreciated.

After much searching and posts, I decided on the L. S. Pelso waterproof headphones for my CTX from Kellyco for $129. They have excellent volume, pitch and tone. They fit well and have a good cord that isn't short. Also, in several posts, MDers have complained about low volume on some headphones, possibly because the headphone jacks are not wired correctly for the CTX. Sent in for repair the Gray Ghosts, and will use them for back-up.

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