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Re: Should silicone sealer be used on the housing gasket?
Posted by: Jason in Enid
Date: December 01, 2017 10:49AM
Jim Koski
I find silicone sealer is required on the "o" rings on my Excalibur should silicone also be used on the gasket and other cable connectors on the CTX 3030?

No. there are some applications of O-rings that need silicone but nothing on the CTX meets that need. I know some people use it, but its not needed and it can make things worse. lubing an o-ring is only for the type, such as the battery tubes on an excal. IS a captured o-ring that must slide into a housing. The lube is only so that it stays in its channel during install, so that it doesnt try to get pulled out, rolled, twisted. etc.

All the seals on the CTX are flat compression seals (although they are not effective enough). Putting lube on these seals does nothing to improve its seal and it will cause sand, dirt, hair, etc stick to it and makes it harder to clean thoroughly during battery replacement.

If I could make Minelab change there design, the battery would have a wide, flat base instead of the blade style. The o-ring would also be a standard o-ring (but thicker) and not some weird-shaped thing. Lastly, the compression latches would be stainless instead of plastic. There should be a solid, stiff feel when you seat the latches on compression o-ring. The CTX latches often feel like zero compression... at least on the old model units I have used. I haven't had the new improved system in my hands.

Re: Should silicone sealer be used on the housing gasket?
Posted by: greenmeanie
Date: December 01, 2017 12:19PM
MINELAB says not to so I don't.
Just check your seal for nicks I change mine yearly anyways.
Make sure no dirt is in the grooves I also check the seal for the port in back.
Also if you hunt SALT I would pull the connector for the coil and clean it once in awhile too.

CTX 3030

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