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Re: Andy, if performance is close.....
Posted by: Andy Sabisch
Date: September 16, 2017 12:42PM
No what I am saying is that to expect CTX 3030 performance from an $899 detector is a stretch . . new technology (not BBS or FBS), light weight, submersible (hopefully better than the CTX 3030) and wireless makes this a game changer for Minelab in that price range - the one that Garret has dominated for years with the AT series. The AT Max will provide users with features that the Equinox does not and vicea versa . . . I can see the XTerra line being phased out much like they did with the Eureka when the Gold Monster was released . . . progress always benefits the end user and this will be no exception


I think it's all about competition
Posted by: Daniel Tn
Date: September 16, 2017 12:57PM
Minelab has lost a lot of money in sales to other manufacturers that are offering a lot of detector for the lower price. Garrett being one of them. My thinking on this subject is different I guess. What can the CTX/eTrac really do that a $500 machine can't do? The truth is...not a whole lot. I've owned almost all of them and have the CTX now for the sole purpose of coin shooting and salt water beaches. Where the rubber meets the road, there isn't a lot of difference in depth, ID, etc on land than other machines out there, past and present. The only reason I prefer the CTX for salt water beaches is that it is one of very limited machines available with multi freq and that is water proof. Otherwise, I have a 20 year old Bandido II uMax that is just as deep on land as the CTX on coins and relics, when it has a similar sized DD coil mounted on it. You don't get the target ID feature but hey, most of us know that once something is deep and or masked by iron, the IDs are gonna be off anyway and you are still faced with a beep/dig situation.

There will still be people that want the CTX and eTrac...just the same as there are some that prefer the eTrac or Explorer to the CTX. Each person will have what they consider to be better in their mind. The only reason I personally have the CTX over the eTrac is the water proof feature. The rest of it, I couldn't care less about. For some, it may be something as simple as the way the detector sounds vs the other...similar to how some like the "silver warble" of the original Explorer vs the eTrac/CTX. I think Minelab's thinking on it is this...which do we stand to make more profit on...selling 3 CTXs for $2,400 each or selling 100 Equinox machines for $800 each. Very smart play IMO on their part. They know the CTX is and always will be a specialty machine that MOST detectorists will not buy or can afford. The majority of detectorists are going for competitors units in that $500-800 price range. IMO, they have set the bar really high for those other manufacturers by offering this new platform. They have gone directly at XP, Garrett, and Nokta and by combining two features, have brought a lot to the table.

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: MI-AuAg
Date: September 16, 2017 01:18PM
I see some promise for this machine in the beach/water hunting realm for sure.

I have curiosity as to what it's gold nugget shooting capabilities may be since it can operate in single 20 and 40 Khz frequencies. Not sure how it's ground balancing system or programming will do in that realm? It could make it a more all around machine for people who do the usual coin/jewelry/relic PLUS nugget shoot. CTX isn't a nugget shooter.

I believe for sure, it will challenge most of the newcomers in that price range, like the Impact, and AT Max. It appears to be a nice package, in that price range.

From my initial observations, I don't anticipate getting rid of my CTX for the Equinox, no compelling reason. Time and testing will tell, as to the Equinox's abilities. A lot of people getting a bit ahead of themselves. Performance is always the true measure! Not much out there right now from unbiased and knowledgable detectorist's to make an informed judgement.

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Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: Miser67
Date: September 16, 2017 01:30PM
I live in Florida. If this lightweight detector can truly work in the wet salt sand in multi-frequency mode without chattering and give me target id at a depth comparable to coil size, I will buy one without question.

As always, any post I make here is solely my opinion based on my own experience and knowledge. Feel free to disagree.

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Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: Southwind
Date: September 16, 2017 02:10PM

Where the rubber meets the road, there isn't a lot of difference in depth, ID, etc on land than other machines out there, past and present.

Here we totally disagree. I have also used just about every detector on the market for the last 10 years and in my soil the E-Trac easily stomps the others in target ID accuracy at depth. In fact, I'd say it is that reason the E-Trac still to this day is a top seller.

True, in some soils this may not be the case, but, from what I've seen, for the vast majority it is the case.

Now, the $10k question is how does it do on that small odd gold the E-Trac & CTX do a poor job on. I do like the 40 kHz single frequency choice. I know there is a big difference in my DFX on small odd shaped gold when I switch to single 15 kHz. You can see the difference here. video:

The real treasure is in the hunt...

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Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: brother steve
Date: September 16, 2017 02:32PM
I agree with Andy they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot. They are trying to compete with Deus and Garrett. Does the new machine have exchange 2 so we can customize programs to our conditions. The ctx is in a league of its own .

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: nagov
Date: September 16, 2017 02:53PM
Hmmm so light.......does it float?


Walk near it, swing over it and understand what the machine is telling you....

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: September 16, 2017 02:54PM
If this is the Xcals equal in the water... yet has single freq abilities then I see a good beach machine choice. Remember the XcL isnt that much more.

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Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: masterjedi
Date: September 16, 2017 03:03PM
I have a full dressed Etrac and CTX with all of the coils. I will just buy one of these too to see how it performs. I like the lightweight feature.

Re: I think it's all about competition
Posted by: Des D
Date: September 16, 2017 03:25PM
Daniel Tn
Minelab has lost a lot of money in sales to other manufacturers that are offering a lot of detector for the lower price. Garrett being one of them.

" might be accused of making up your own facts and get a Codan financial report to read!!!! Lol...

But I and I'm certain others would be inclined to agree!"

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: "Carolina"
Date: September 16, 2017 03:32PM
How things change. Only last month I only read what a piece of crap the CTX was. Leaks like a sieve . Cost a fortune to repair. My coil went bad. Heavy as a boat anchor. Need a harness to lug it around. No upgrades in five years like they promised. My screen went black, my screen got lines in it and I'm selling this thing when the warranty runs out. Now Minelab offers a new machine and suddenly the CTX is the greatest thing going. No way a $900 detector can compete with my CTX. Well you better hope not or you won't be able to give that CTX away much less sell it. Although I do use target trace always, GPS not at all. Way points, nope. Combined , nope I'm a two tone co. 37 down 38 up. Dig it all. I hunt gold at the beach so this machine has my name written all over it. I think all you looters in Virginia should steer clear of this new technology and keep on swinging those Excal's and CTX's. Andy hurry up with my Equinox 800.

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Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: Decanfrost
Date: September 16, 2017 07:17PM
So Speed surpasses the 3030.Wonder if they can turn that up on the ctx if so probably wont be until after launch and a saturated market.Do feel regardless the 3030 needs an update.Cant see the top line staus bar....Soooooo small.

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: bklein
Date: September 17, 2017 10:33AM
Advances in microcontroller design since the CTX was conceived along with simpler mechanicals can justify/explain the lower cost.
I was getting pretty bored with the CTX posts - we really need a meaningful firmware upgrade to keep the talk going. It will be interesting to eventually see how the user experience is with the E.

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: MEV
Date: September 17, 2017 02:45PM
Minelab i can't believe what i AM looking!!!!! Equinox is a lot faster than ctx 3030 , equinox has better discriminación! I.want my 1600 dólares back!!!!

Re: Equinox 800 vs ctx 3030
Posted by: mrwilburino
Date: September 17, 2017 04:11PM
There's a bunch of machines that are faster than the ctx, it wasn't built for that purpose. It looks like the Equinox will be a submersible single/multi-frequency answer to the Deus and others in that category. If it also had the ID capabilities of the CTX, Minelab would just about own the VLF market. No way they would be selling it for $900. Remember, this is Minelab we're talking about.

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