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CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: Decanfrost
Date: September 19, 2017 12:54AM
Hi all.
Seeking to run an open screen inTTF in a lot of iron with coins masked by iron.

Can someone explain to me how in say 50 Conductive a copper penny will register ,in High trash mode ,opposed to TTF.Assume wide open screen.
Also and importantly how does a iron object register differently,if any .

I'm wondering how best to hunt out a site that has deep coins,alongside ALOT of trash and was wondering about this.
If masking from iron is THE problem will a different AUDIO selection(eg TTF or Combined) help and OR place the cursor in a different place.
Just to complicate things further.I feel iron will move around on the screen given the above coupled with different Search modes.

Thanks for any assistance.

Re: CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: jerseyjim
Date: October 05, 2017 03:45PM
To make it simple, Iron will make a grunt sound and the cursor will be on the bottom.You can get a wrap around, were it will be on top of the screen.The penny will have a higher tone and the cursor will be around 12/43. If the site has a lot of iron, I wouldn't hunt it with a wide open screen.I can't handle all the beeping.Use a screen with some discrimination to prevent wrap around, This is only my personal preference, I like to hunt trashy areas in combined and some discrimination.. I know other people do it differently. Try setting up a card with rusty nails and some good targets. At least you will have some idea of how it will react in different modes. Make a test garden if you haven't done so already. Have fun,


Re: CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: Decanfrost
Date: October 25, 2017 02:26AM
Thanx Jim
Have you seen that Youtube video where the CTX does not read ,give signal below the height of nails as the Deus will???
Wonder on that one with the new Equinox!.
Thanx Again

Re: CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: October 25, 2017 07:31AM
Don't bother with the YouTube videos when it comes to that stuff,each and every target is different. Getting the initial hit it is what's important. I do it the exact same way Jim does with some disc and running Combined so I'm listening for ONE tone...the tone of what I want to hear. A good uniform sweep and ABSOLUTE ground coverage is more important than screwing around trying to replicate some video. The vast majority of the guys with high silver coin counts use FBS,there's a reason. Just go let it do what it does.

Re: CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: sube
Date: October 25, 2017 12:51PM
Getting the initial hit it is what's important IDX said I agree . But knowing what that hit is, is more important . To get that initial hit that Fe line should be at 32 or disc line if in combine or 4Tc high trash the reason being is that any coin with nail combo will give audio if not masked to the point of the machine not being able to hear it . Now if we set are Fe line to 35 all those nails that you have disc out are going to high tone so you might as well go to all metal and dig them remember all targets above the 32 line well go high and those below well go low .

Now as to depth more depth is what we want to achieve more depth you need to be in manual not auto if we push auto to plus 3 we well get more falses , say were at 23 plus 3 in auto and the machine says 19 your going to get falses if we go to manual 19 which the machine says is okay were still going to get the same depth or deeper than auto 23 plus 3 without as much falseing . What I think is happening with falses is if we push auto past the recommend setting the machine wants falsing starts .There are 3 channels auto gives each channel higher or lower weight to make it run at the optimum sensitivity now when we go to manual all those 3 channels are giving the same weight so it will be deeper in the 2 channels that auto is giving less weight and we will get some falsing in manual in these two channels as oppose to auto where we push it past the recommend setting and get falsing in the primary channel the most weighted of the 3 .

We can push auto or manual by a couple of points and only have miner falsing or push it higher and have major falsing but miner I can live with major no .

So how can we get more depth and less falsing manual sensitivity fe line disc line and tones . A word about tones normal long smooth and pitch hold they all have there place but pitch hold is the deepest of the 4 some people say you get a response just as deep in all tones (YOUR NOT) pitch hold only has to break the threshold to give a telling tone where as normal smooth and long can only give you a no telling tone when a coin is at fringe depth a clucking sound which is easy to miss when in trash . Also pitch hold well go past the clucking point another inch and still give a telling high tone .Pitch hold is the same as normal where the machine has to reset between targets not like long and smooth where you get a continuous audio from target to target letting you sweep faster .Now if we put the ctx in fast we can make up some speed between targets with pitch hold and normal and slowing are sweep speed as compared to deep on we don't need deep on to get a more telling tone as with pitch hold we only have to break the threshold to give a telling high tone or low tone depending what your looking for .

As to falsing in a nail pile it's going to be the same whatever tone you pick remember that machine picks it 's sensitivity #s for a reason if #s are low say 15 and you run at 20 in this case your going to get falsing you say you can't get deep with it at 15 well you won't get deeper at 20 because of target rich endowment rust minerals ground noise and to many targets ,as I said before you can push it a couple of points but anymore and you well pay a price

Look at it this way if you want to get the same depth as normal (tone) 23 plus 3 you could run pitch hold at 20 and achieve the same depth as normal 23 with less falsing .
You have to start in auto to get your recommend sensitivity that means a minute or two it takes a little while for the machine to gather the imfo then adjust sensitivity in manual .

As to the video your referring to there's one in hunting in trash where I show the ctx getting it .sube

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