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Fe low do you normally go?
Posted by: Daniel Tn
Date: September 19, 2017 09:55AM
Just out of curiosity sake, how low do you guys normally run your Fe line when out searching? Do you stick close to factory defaults or have you altered it quite a bit? I'm finding myself to more the less be running open screen and just using tone bin profiles instead of actual discrimination. Right now, I am experimenting with running a combined audio pattern with my Fe line down to 30. I think most programs I have seen, are running it around 20-22ish for the tone bin profile.

In my particular case, what I've found is that in heavy mineral, the ID of non ferrous things gets pulled down away from the infamous 12 Fe line. Some of the more shallow and isolated targets away from trash, will still be along the 12 line but deeper targets and targets in iron or trash, get pulled down away from it. I actually dug an IHP Saturday that was around 25 Fe line...but it was in heavy mineralized ground.


Another part to this question is something I found recently, and that forum member "squirrel" posted about on another forum. That being the difference in running modes on the CTX.

In heavy mineralized ground, the manual, Andy's book and everything you read, suggests running Ground Coin mode. However, if you are in mineralized ground, all you hear in this mode is one of two things....with an open screen, you hear a constant barrage of ground noise that sounds like iron with the cursor/target trace pegged in the bottom right of the screen...and if you are running any disc pattern that shades in this area, all you hear is a threshold nulling. At first I just thought this was actually due to there being lots of iron in the ground until I had loaded a program I had been playing with, that happened to be Ferrous Coin. In Ferrous Coin, the threshold stays smooth and does not null or waver until the coil is over a target. Squirrel noticed that the machine also runs smooth like that while in Low Trash & Hi Trash modes. Due to this, I have stopped using Ground Coin in favor of Ferrous Coin...with it, I can run basically an all metal mode with tone ID. Any thoughts to why this occurs...Ground Coin vs the others? In some cases while flipping back and forth between modes....targets that I detected CLEARLY in Ferrous Coin were lost in the noise while going to Ground Coin. And again...I am referring to open non trashy ground. Basically open field with an occasional piece of farm junk, but mostly Civil War bullets (it's a firing range so it's just shot bullets to go play in to kill some time).

Re: Fe low do you normally go?
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: September 19, 2017 05:37PM
In High Trash separation,I run it about 25. In Ferrous Coin separation about 20. Just me.

Re: Fe low do you normally go?
Posted by: laplander
Date: September 19, 2017 08:33PM
25 for me and never change it.
for me its all about tones and less about numbers.
I call targets that pull off the 12 line "benders" when they come in with hi ferrous id.
These targets or at the end of detection depth or in trash/mineralized environment.
just me

Re: Fe low do you normally go?
Posted by: mrwilburino
Date: September 20, 2017 12:20AM
I've been experimenting with 25 & up. Just trying to find a happy medium between getting more good targets and digging more nails.

I'm not 100% sure of what is happening in Ground Coin. It's been suggested that there is less filtering taking place, which would allow you to hear deeper targets that might otherwise get filtered out with the ground noise from highly mineralized soil. The downside to that is you have to put up with a lot of threshold nulls or iron grunts from that bad ground bleeding through the audio. The upside is that you might be able to pick good targets out of that noise that otherwise might have gotten filtered out. I do use Ground Coin, and it does seem to give me a slightly better target response than the other modes in bad ground, but I haven't done a lot of head to head testing between GC and the other modes. I did see Squirrel's post though and it's got me wondering about it, so will probably do some experimenting this week.

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Re: Fe low do you normally go?
Posted by: Jason in Enid
Date: September 20, 2017 01:04PM
I keep mine set at 20. In my soil, I havent found anything good lower on the screen. 99% of my targets are from 12 to 15. You soil conditions may vary.

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