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Anderson Neptune Handle - Carbon Fiber (T-Rex Sand Scoop) comparison
Posted by: Stogger
Date: October 10, 2017 09:32PM
For all my CTX 3030 friends who have given me a wealth of info, here is something for the beach hunters. Maybe this is the wrong Forum but wanted to get it to 3030 folks first.

I've heard over and over that the carbon fiber scoops were much lighter and tougher than wooden handles you can get to fit the T-Rex scoop. Since I have a severe case of tennis elbow (wonder where that came from?) I thought lets see if I can lighten the load by buying a carbon fiber handle. So I gritted the teeth and bought a Anderson Neptune Handle - Carbon Fiber (T-Rex Sand Scoop).

Here's what I found:

-Carbon fiber handle weighs: 660 grams or about 2 pounds. This one is about 45" long.

-Lowes handle weighs: 934 grams or about 1.5 pounds. This one is about 48" long. Ames True Temper 48-in L Wood Garden Fork

So the weight difference is only 1/2 pound!

The Lowes handle is Item 147674 model 2421600, for $10.98. It is the heavier handle that has a metal tip that fits into the scoop. You have to drill the holes, just as you have to drill the holes on the Anderson Carbon fiber scoop. This handle lasted me a year of very heavy use without breaking. The tip is angled so if fitted in the right direction give you more incline and makes it easier to stand on the scoop to really dig in.

I've tried an aluminum handle that broke only after a couple outings. Then I bought a pine handle that also broke after the first couple outings. Then I tried this one that lasted me about a year of putting all of my weight into it pulling TRex full of water and sand from the surf. It never broke or splintered. After about a year the metal tip did eventually rust out and the I had to get another. So my opinion here is to go with the Lowes. The wood handle also floats and doesn't get hot in the sun.

I haven't tried the Anderson handle as I'm going to try to return it or resell it.

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Re: Anderson Neptune Handle - Carbon Fiber (T-Rex Sand Scoop) comparison
Posted by: Stogger
Date: October 11, 2017 10:34AM
I transposed the: 660 grams = about 1.5 pounds. 934 grams = about 2 pounds.

Also, if anyone that has used these knows of other benefits of using carbon fiber handle that I'm not considering, please let me know.

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