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Suggestions on additional loops for the CTX?
Posted by: andy g.
Date: November 28, 2017 12:08PM
Just over a year ago I started swinging the CTX 3030 with the standard coil and am delighted with the results. The CTX has added at least a few more inches of depth and accurate discrimination at a number of my sites. But I know at some of them have deeper items and I seem to be pulling lots of older copper coins but not too many deep dimes. (For example, at one site, I have found almost 40 Indian Head Cents and 8 V Nickels compared to only 1 Seated Half Dime, 3 Barber Dimes and 1 Barber Quarter; and over 125 early Wheat Cents, 25 Buffalo Nickels but only 2 early Mercs and 2 SLQs.) Typically I detect old houses (standing and long gone) that have a fair amount of iron and even some concentrated iron areas on the East Coast of the US -- so the soils are markedly different within a short drive. In looking at the bigger loops there seem to be two choices -- either the Minelab 17" DD or the Coiltek 14"x9" DD. What is the difference? Are there any other coils I should consider? And while we are on it, what is the depth that the 6" coils gets? Would the smaller loop really be helpful on these sites that I have scoured?



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