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Speaker replacement
Posted by: JoeinMemphis
Date: January 10, 2018 05:58PM
After hearing and seeing all of the posts about poor quality screws and leaks Etc I decided to pull all the screws out of my detector and use divers silicone on all of the seals before a new season starts. Everything went fine until I got to the speaker cover on the back of the display, after removing the four screws and starting to remove the cover plate I got it about a quarter of an inch away from the back of the display when the piece of circuit board on the speaker that the wires solder to pulled off of the speaker due to it just being glued to the speaker, and the glue either drying up or failing in some manner. A very suitable replacement came from Mouser Electronics, part number 497-SM500208-1. The original speaker is 50 mm across by 8 mm deep, with a mylar cone. The replacement is the same dimensions and material, the only difference being the original part was 8 ohms 1 watt, the replacement is 8 ohms .5 watt. Installation was easy, after applying silicone to the seal under the speaker, and then soldering the wires to the speaker, all that was left to do was reattach the cover. I can tell no difference in its operation from the original part. All of my screws other than having some discoloration of the finish were in fine shape, and none of them would stick to a magnet so I'm assuming they're stainless. This is an older detector, serial number 404475004XX. Also, the speaker in the WM-10 module is the same speaker that is in the back of the display, with the exception of having a wiring harness with a plug in the WM-10. I was not going to cannibalize a perfectly good WM-10 just to get a speaker.

I'm posting this just to let anybody know that has the same idea about re-waterproofing the seals, that you could run into a problem removing the speaker cover. The cost of repair was cheap, the shipping was more expensive than the actual speaker. HH Joe

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