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Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: sube
Date: February 11, 2018 06:03PM
Well this will be the 6th year with the ctx I have learn a lot about how it operates and what it dose so I'm going to give some tips on how to crack this baby. This isn't for some one that uses it once a month this is for diehards that want to know how to push it to it's max and when to back off when she starts talking back .

#1 read Andy's book you have to know what happens when you make a change in your pattern or mode selection or sound profile Fe line etc this is paramount .
Now this is a start once you know what ever thing dose it will make it easier to do the rest Andy's book is a great kick start to getting to know this baby but that's only part off it .

We have 1750 pixels that targets can land on thank God we only have to be concern about 20 conductive #s there's more such as 27.45 and so on but where looking at the conductive # which is the important # when we get a 12.45 12.13 or good hit we can assume that the target is free of iron or other thrash when we get 27.45 19.13 25.35 then we know the target is masked with some kind of junk soil mineralization or rust flakes same can be said of audio we get a pure coin hit or a dirty sounding hit which means it's got junk with it .

Now audio is where the work load begins we can group audio sounds to certain bins and have less to deal with easier than learning 50 tone and so on we can place all are targets to 1 audio if we desire (combine) and knock out are iron at the 32 line with disc from the 32 line and down .

So with all this knowledge it should be a piece of cake to master the machine (not)

Let's take Joe for example he's had his ctx for 3 years he's tried a bunch of patterns and has finally settled on one that works for him and that's where the learning stops he's always done good with his pattern so why change .

So out of all the modes sounds Fe line and so on he is using 10 percent of the machine capability's

How to get to that pattern for your soil is what everybody wants to achieve and all soil is different say were on a piece of property some areas well be clean other areas will be trashy some with iron some with non-ferrous trash or iron flakes how can 1 pattern handle all this it can't his performance will degrade in some areas and excel in others .

Joe understands what something good sounds like he's been running normal for sound since he got his ctx when he gets a iffy signal he may go to another pattern to verify it and if he has normal for sound it may get better or worse but most times it stays the same so Joe passes or digs just to see what it is .

Now if Joe would have learned his ctx he would have more options than what he is using now when I say learned it's not what the buttons and modes do but what they ( SOUND LIKE ) and the only way to get that is by running all the modes and sounds sensitivity and Fe line at different settings.

Joe has a head start he knows what to look for in his mode and the sound he has picked . So how can Joe gain more knowledge .

By using his pattern on the user button he can switch back and forth to check his new pattern . there are 4 separation modes there are 4 sounds to pick from and 3 tone profiles to choose from combine conductive and ferrous we can say 2 if your a coin hunter combine and conductive are the ones we should concentrate on .

So Joe's been running high trash combine fast on normal for sound target trace and so on. Joe needs to spend a week running long smooth and pitch hold and adjusting his Fe-line in different places Joe might want to bash his ctx against a tree if he runs smooth for a day but stick with it doing this well tell you where not to use it and where to use it also tell you how much sensitivity to use before she tells you to back of .The next day he can try long till he has that good sound iffy and bad sound locked in his brain when he's done with this he can do it all over again with different separation modes and Fe-line adjustments and so on .This takes time but the payoff is greater understanding of not only what the buttons do but the (sound ) the ctx is making It's the (sound) that were trying to understand

This is how you master the ctx you will learn more this way than reading books or forums .But the forums can give you good information to advance more quickly but you still have to run it through it's paces to understand how far you can push her till she screams

I will becoming out with some more videos in the weeks ahead to get you to master this computer yes I said computer not machine she wants to intimidate you but you can shut her up with a push of a button she's not in control you are she's dose the same thing the way she was programed she can't change only you can change what she See's by them buttons.:thumbup: sube

Re: Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: stephenscool
Date: February 11, 2018 06:32PM
Great tips sube. I'm new to the ctx but am learning already how important the sound is. A problem im having is that the target will jump around on the screen. Never a rock solid specific number. I suspect the sensitivity is too hot.
Still a ways to go but not going to give up

Re: Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: February 11, 2018 06:57PM
Thanks, sube. Some good stuff to think about in there.


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Norman, OK

Re: Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: brother steve
Date: February 11, 2018 08:19PM
Nice work Sube!

Re: Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: jctorok
Date: February 11, 2018 08:59PM

Welcome to the world of the CTX. If you are just learning to use it. Run your sensitivity in +3 or +2 Auto until you get a good understanding of the machine.

When the target is solid stable in two directions usually it is a good target, but if your trace goes horizontal or vertical it can mean other things are in the hole as well. The only time the trace has little meaning is when it is just spots all over the screen which means you are likely in heavy iron and you are right, turn down your sensitivity, then consider changing your gain (turn it up)

Remember sensitivity cuts two ways. Think of using your bright lights on your car in a fog, all feedback, but if you put on the low beams, you can see. You need to learn to optimize sensitivity.

Just my thoughts for you to learn the machine. Lots of great training info about the machine on the blog. Consider following the advice from Sube and Harry and others.....helped me a lot when I first bought my machine.

Good luck.

USCG (Retired)
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Re: Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: vladorado
Date: February 19, 2018 03:06PM
I am into the 10th month of using the ctx - my first detector. I had red the Andy's book even before the detector arrived. I watched all your videos sube. So far after trying all the combinations I ended up using open screen, combined tones, fast off, deep off and smooth response, gain 30, sensitivity Auto +3. I change the target separation from ferrous/coin (my preferred setting ) if the soil is with low to medium mineralisation (suggested sensitivity above 15) to ground coin if it's high. I use low trush target separation on very clean ground.

I do not understand why to use 50 conductive tones? What is the reason, when there is combined tones? With the conductive tones the iron sound like silver and copper. To avoid that I have to use masks and second program with Ferrous tones (like the Ghost4) to check the iffi targets. With the masks I loose depth.I prefer to hare all the iron on all metal and am constantly vigilant for silent non ferrous targets showing on the target trace.

I use Auto+ 3 sensitivity because on manual sensitivity I have to go very low to quite the machine. If i get a very deep and faint target I check it with deep on and manual sensitivity on 30.

I hunt pasture and arid farm land mainly. I use all 3 coils accordingly.
So far a fond only scrap and coins not older than 200 years.

Re: Cracking the CTX long
Posted by: sprchng
Date: February 19, 2018 03:36PM
Nothing will help a new user of the CTX more than going to a place with a myriad of targets and watching different target's behavior on the screen while observing the tones and then digging the target. Andy's book has lots of nice pictures.

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