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New Grey Battery Gasket in 2013 Vintage CTX?
Posted by: Atlas
Date: February 13, 2018 01:38AM
Hi All,

My original red o-ring gasket has started to stretch out a bit (from cleaning I guess). Anyway I decided I should order a new one but saw on the Kellyco website that the O-ring kit is for 2016 and newer models. Anyway I almost ordered the kit from kellyco but decided to call Minelab repair in PA first. The lady there gave me the same part number that Kellyco has and said it should fit but might be a little tight getting the clamps closed down. So I went ahead and ordered the kit.

Just wondering if anyone is using the new grey O ring with the older battery? Anyone having any problems? I'm thinking if it fits tight it might put a lot of strain on the ears of the locking clamp and they could break. I wish I could just get some NOS red gaskets. I'm kind of disappointed that Minelab doesn't offer those for owners of older CTX's.

The lady in PA said they have a new battery kit and charger or something like that. I didn't ask the price. My battery and charger are good. Does the new battery fit into the old housing? How tight do the clamps engage with the new battery and grey seal?

Any feed back will be appreciated.


Re: New Grey Battery Gasket in 2013 Vintage CTX?
Posted by: trojdor
Date: February 13, 2018 02:13AM
The new o-rings and battery are the ones that come standard on the newer models...they're not just FOR the newer models.
They fit ALL CTX models.
I don't know why Kellyco implies otherwise. They are wrong. (Or at best, it's poorly worded.)

They retrofit the older machines perfectly, and are highly recommended. (The red o-rings were prone to leakage in some machines.)
The exact same new battery and grey o-rings are available as an 'upgrade' kit specifically for the older machines.
(That's probably the kit the lady in PA mentioned.)

I have them on both of my older CTXs.
Both the new battery and the new o-rings work just fine. (You can still use the old battery with the new o-ring.)
There is just SLIGHTLY more clamp tension...due to the slightly bigger o-ring...which is a good thing.

Install them in your machine, and go have fun hunting...

Also FWIW, many on-line minelab dealers still sell the old, weaker red o-rings.
I recommend sticking with the upgraded grey ones, however...

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Re: New Grey Battery Gasket in 2013 Vintage CTX?
Posted by: Atlas
Date: February 13, 2018 02:59AM
Thanks for the feedback Mike,

I have the new grey o-rings on the way and plan on using with the older battery. If the clamp tension is only a slight increase then as you said that would be a good thing.

I never have had a problem with the old red o-ring. However, I should mention that I cleaned it fairly regularly and I would always apply a thin film of silicone gel on the battery edge where it made contact with the O-ring as insurance. Then I place two pieces of electrical tape around the battery edge (top and bottom) to keep sand out. This system has worked well for 4 years with no leaks (knock on wood). The only draw back to this system is the silicone attracts dust and sand so you have to remove and clean the o-ring from time to time. Doing this has stretched it out a bit.


Re: New Grey Battery Gasket in 2013 Vintage CTX?
Posted by: PryorCreekJoe
Date: February 13, 2018 08:58AM
The slight "extra" tension will be more or less gone as the gasket get firmly seated and conforms to the housing and battery. Make sure that you install the FLAT side to the housing and the rounded side to the battery. Yes, the gasket (O or D ring) has a flat side and a round side. Just make sure it is installed correctly and you will have no problems.


Re: New Grey Battery Gasket in 2013 Vintage CTX?
Posted by: thE-TRACker
Date: February 15, 2018 09:26AM
New gasket is just slightly thicker but better seal . Clamps "snap" lock in place .

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