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Goddess of CTX
Posted by: LTimedigger
Date: March 08, 2018 03:15PM
Ya'll want to hear a weird one? I just got back from an old park that I and a lot of other guys have hunted many years. In the CW days it was a Confederate camp site and then became a city park in the 20's so a lot has been found there. Just last week found a silver men's ring and a french harp reed from the camp and lots of clad. But today I was actually going to rake straw for my gardens( but I did throw the CTX in the car(just in case). I had just filled two huge bags with straw when 2 female employees drove up and told me I couldn't do that because they used the straw there. I was ok with that but I had to give them what I had already raked(with my bags and labor) I then got out the machine and hunted around the area I had raked but just found a couple of coins. I then crossed the road to a field where the camp was and is surprisingly fairly clean. I put the machine on a relic mode with a completely open screen. The first time I put the coil down out pops a large men's ring. I walked about 10 feet more, put the coil down and out pop's another large men's ring. They are plated so not worth a great deal but cmon how many times does this happen. I felt like the goddess of CTX had rendered her justice unto me.

Re: Goddess of CTX
Posted by: sube
Date: March 09, 2018 08:08AM
This is just one of the things I can't put my finger on . I can go to a new spot pick any place at random put the coil down and bang silver dime move 5 feet and again another silver dime but I have to go home . The next time I go with silver buzzing in my head about all the great things I am about to find then zippo nothing in 2 hours come back again and the same zippo nothing . How can it be when I found 2 dimes in 5 minutes we will never know but it is interesting to say the least . sube

Re: Goddess of CTX
Posted by: LTimedigger
Date: March 15, 2018 11:31PM
Postscript Sube. After cleaning, turns out one of the rings was a 14kt mens' wedding band and a weird object I almost discarded, after cleaning turned out to be a CSA primer for a field gun. Made me feell a LOT better about the straw!

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