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Re: for those that have an equinox also
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: April 23, 2018 10:06PM
halfstep --

Impressive. Again -- I think dirt HAS to have something to do with it. Where are you hunting, and what's the dirt like?


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Re: for those that have an equinox also
Posted by: mrsspk
Date: May 05, 2018 02:22PM
Jason in Enid

I saw your post on the Equinox forum and feel your pain. Disc on the CTX both visually and in audio are far more revealing , which is what is needed in your type of location. The whole "13 is a nickle thing" just doesn't stand up to real world detecting. People are digging nickels now because they didn't dig the numbers before with their FBS machine by being distracted by the off beat Fe numbers.The Equinox will definitely tell you something is there with it's version of a "round" tone but has reduced ability to tell you what it is. I agree it's deep and a good complementary tool in the right location but many are learning an aluminum filled trashy park is not the venue.

I have to completely disagree with your statements. On the CTX, I dug very few nickels because their VDI were most often terrible. It had nothing to do with the FE numbers, it was all because the CO number were erratic. The CTX uses a very low main driving frequency (something like 2.5 IIRC) which gives it great, stable IDs on copper and silver. The lower on the conductive spectrum you go, the more inconsistent the CTX becomes in accuracy.

The EQX is a direct opposite to this. It uses a much higher main driving frequency (ies). As a result it doesn't lock onto deep silver targets as well as the CTX but sure as hell locks dead-on to the nickels! No TID is ever 100%. You can't say because a TID flips back and forth from 13 to 14 or 13 to 12, that its not accurate. You simply look at where it hits most often or where the middle of the spread is to make an accurate guesstimate.

You claim people are only digging more nickel because "People are digging nickels now because they didn't dig the numbers before with their FBS machine". Absolutely not. I have dug more buffalo and V-nickels in 2 days with the EQX than I dug all last year with the CTX. The reason is simple. The EQX is just highly accurate VDIs on nickels (aka 13) , and damned impressive on depth. I quit testing last week when I was getting solid nickel hits at 11 inches in multiple modes.

Watch it here!

I use the DR. Tones program and have been killing it at nickels ever since. I do have to admit that the Nox does hit nickels very well but I can go toe to toe with it with my CTX and dig more.

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